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TF?! | its getting work done, being creative bartering and being social

without feeling judged and having to consider your disability

its about collaboration, connection & creative content... not charity.


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actor sidiki fofana on stage in "children of killers"
difference? sickle cell 


We are committed to cultivating a fun, safe and progressive environment for those who see themselves as part of the abled differently/ differently enabled community. We set out to connect those of said community so that they too can find easier ways to create, learn, share, trade, and build projects of their own which amplify their voices. Having family that is on the spectrum and deaf has aided in our perception and understanding and we wanted to become part of a solution. Hoping to build confidence, prepare and aid in strategizing so that the community can be seen as more than “disabled” and find employment, become CEO’s, own their content, connect in a safer way among others who understand, relate and seek to help.

who is this site for?

those who
are disabled

whether an amputee, a little person, or a person with a physical deformity, the site over time will cater to those who have been labled as different by majority of society.

those who
chronically ill

being chrnically ill sometimes manifest as invisible & this site is great for those struggling to be seen.

those who

some limitations do not fall under physical ailments - instead it is a struggle of the mind, this site you can be yourself and take things as slow as you need, not feeling pressure to keep up. 

their allies

whether a family member, co-worker or friends, every ally is important and every friendship is needed to amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked.


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