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a whopping welcome back

egot winner, whoopi goldberg, was away from the view for about a week and we would like to give her a warm welcome back.

"..was out because I was dealing with something called sciatica, which is basically a bulging disc in your back and it impacts the sciatic nerve, which sends pain down your leg."- she said jokingly

while we were surprised as to why the view host took off a week from the show, ms. goldberg has always been transparent about her story of health to some degree. in 2015, she told us about her need for hearing aids, and in 2016 she announced that she was dyslexic.

though she kids around about having to rely on a walker, she did say that it now "freaks her out".

in february 2019, goldberg was absent from the show for nearly a month due to pneumonia . "hope that this is a cautionary tale for people. You have to take the time to take care of yourself" she left the audience with.

we hope that this bout with sciatica was one she won because its clear that she is vital to the show and needed.

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