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songsaturday: renaisssance

we have to say the views expressed in this piece are purely for entertainment.

this is a #songstaurday kind of day! with so much new music released we thought it dope to highlight some faves.

we have new kendrick, the latest bey, mr. mitus touch drake & many others. we have had some time to sit with the men, but bey cant go without mention since, as usual, in a different category, she aaattteeee. bon apetite mon cherie.

first we start as a reminder, noting that artist are usually part of the disability space, or advocates of those who assign as disabled creatives. with that being said, the kendrik & drake rivalry just makes for better art from the likes of both of them. With ken referencing being the plug & the security of jesus, lol and drake doting a hercules attitude towards music, we are always enthused to hear what they have coming next. this time the two seemingly on different soliloquy paths.

cover art:

as you know we like to shine light on music acts who have been open about mental health troubles, their disability and/or their personal closeness to the disability community. kendrick is the perfect advocate for that lately. noting his honesty aroun mental health having to make changes and not feeling as safe as he once use to. whether its part of his act, we doubt it buthe has recently done a beautiful staging of getting tested live via audiences.

with that being said, his music seems to be a reflection of the times, the angst, the anger, the confusion the trivializing of important things ; rooted in love though ofcourse it always seems to come bck to accounts of feelings of being unwanted, or wanted too much.

some favorite song choices from the first two gentlemen are sticky & jimmy crooks; off the "nvrmnd" album. we then lean into kendricks "we cry" ft. actress taylor paige who has a bck n forth rant about love & hate & staying & breaking up with one another. this song paired with the visuals for his track "the heart pt. 5" gives nothing but raw, witty wordsplay that captures your ears & makes you think. kind of like when your grandparents would pull you by the ear & twist it for ackin' up. lol though these two albums are vastly different in tone we appreciate both because if feels like them combined deliver the balance we are currently struggling with during these times. one to live a grounded, realistic, cautious existence rooted in planning and saving and securing. or living everyday like it is your last, filled with luxury and lavish outings that are justified as reminders to self -care because tomorrow is not promised and youre worth it. noted that even the brooklyn native rapper fabolous took to soci recently to explain how drizzys latest album was for those who were sipping wine & champagne on yachts & taking trips overseas. though that may not be our readers (rightnow) we do believe that it speaks to an audience who wants to live vicariously through these artist with hopes of being able to amass such luxury soon too. against the yelling, cursing and spewed frustration of lamars album, we do think it is a great juxtaposition especially when you have different friend groups going through different lived experiences & need to make a playlist for both in one setting .

now we highlight the "she could never be me" bey who effortlessly reminds us that she can reign in any genre / field of music including but not limited to dicso & dare we say it ... "bbbbaaaaaaaaaallllll" aint we aint talkin waltz babeees.

bey gives the girls proper chants, and raves and reasons to say yyyyyaaasss & slaayyysss with this seeemless album. the tranisitions are so smooth they make it so that one can play this entire ep straight through without anyone skipping a beat. we like the fact that bey is building confidence in the women everywhere but does so in such a fetch way that the booyys & grrlss are having a time with it. though it has only been a few days since the release of the renaissance album, we can say that the beats hit but most importantly the chorus gets stuck in your head no matter which song you're into. with some faves being "heated" energy, thique, plastic off... no particular order though pfcourse.

just days before album was to be released, due to europe having different standards, the album was available for them before the us. while many were first excited and intrigued, majority of the american fanbased, collectively decided to shame the singers hater for debuting it too soon, and for the first time in a long while, we saw that most of the internet decided to wait the added two days for the proper rollout out. though we think that was sweet of them, we do not know if the album was leaked on purpose since the standard is diff over there, and it is plausible that a young child bought it and did not know any better.

anyway, in better news, bey penned a beautiful note to her stands and her riders & has since hushed the mouths of those who questioned her know how for ball, disco, funk & club music. while some artist chose to make these specific genres their niche, they had a mouthful to say due to bey not initially crediting some solo acts from back in the day.

we think, bey is the perfect way to introduce people who are only into r&b or only into pop.. to the other fields. though some may think that with her doing it, and some fans of her "not knowing any better" therefore may attribute the sound to her.. bey is known for trying new sounds on every album to lend more time into creating her voice and vibe.

she had some artists like kelis, upset due to the credential of a track that kelis sung on, but did not own. kelis stated that it was distasteful of yonce to use track without reaching out to her first despite the conflict of master ownership due to her knowing the people involved & the ongoing feud between them. though we do hope the two mend the situation, we recognize that in this particular instance, so many other factors come into play. along with kelis losing her husband most recently & along with beys cousin being fatally shot back in 2021.

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