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sporting awards gala glam

congratulations are in order to lemelo ball, for "player of the year", klay thompson, for "comeback of the year" & stephen curry, for "best record breaking performance"- who also acted as the host for lastnight ceremony.

oh, what ceremony? the most talked about internet event of 2022 rightnow, the Espys ofcourse. the evening filled with fun, satire, activity & ofcourse, "looks" as celebs, entertainers, athletes & influencer smooze one another.

hosted at the dolby theater, here were some of our favorite looks:

though lil rel known from "get out" aka mr. mil, has an affinity for disliking us, we think he looks rather dapper in this look.

sunsisa, radiating...

kristi yamaguchi glams elegantly

john boyega in red, dazzles.

jarred vanderbilt suited it up in royal blue.

images more than likely from getty clck here to find more looks from the evening, as we all as see the creds. chck more of the nightlymoments here


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