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tf?!| #moviemagic: free willy?

“whales” based off the book “the whale” .. by the way, please rescue & take care of the sea animals, animals but sea animals specifically.

so much to unpack with this film whales.

realizing that in order to connect school to a kid going through their own mental worries, you have to first understand where they're at in life, where they stand mentally and where they're with you.

we also see that personality wise, there are patterns no matter how subtle, that visit groups of any people that have similar journey. here, we see that though obesity is a problem in this main characters life, he uses bluntness and directness around the topic, as a shield. a shield in hopes to make another more comfortable about it, to slightly admit it was his own choice, and to dignify the choice, along with to add strength and awareness.

a great peak into the life of someone who though, he has a solid friend and supporter, is otherwise lonely and wishes to have a greater relationship with their child.

pivotal moments in his life ensue as he avoids all the signs that he should drastically begin a new healthier lifestyle.. and make a new friend.

we see him tactical, love family friendship and of course, religion. a religion predicated off the fact that there is a newer world coming.. metaphorically possibly that brings peace and paradise, which sounds like a seductive way of reiterating a one world system… that could be done without disregard for other beliefs if done correctly.

we loved to see this actors, brendan frasers, transition. it was raw, real and honest. directed by darren aronofsky, charlie is a character everyone can find a piece of themselves in. we couldn't help to think, the entire film, does he get on a weightloss journey..

find it in theaters when you can


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