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a #therapueticthrowback !!! Lets use this post as a time to remind everyone that all artist and stars go through a tough time at least once in their career and that no one is untouchable when it comes to facing their truths and negative vibes. there was even a time, when defamed infamous rapper, turned exec producer, director, fifty-cent, even felt like something devastating was looming around him too. though he has never flat out said that he was suicidal, we do recognize the countless times he has referenced dark thoughts and mental health struggles on his debut albums. after being shot, so many times, and going through surgery, only to still have the bullet in his mouth, and not be able to speak properly,some have linked these thoughts due to his dentistry. once upon a time, he wrote:

with the recent controversy surrounding him and LA rapper "the game" we wonder is this just a pull at a versuz battle? or is his mental health spiraling again? though billionaire rapper & mogul jay-z recently hired him to perform alongside legends like mary j blige, and snoop dogg, for a legendary nfl moment and the rappers love life seems to be steady with aspiring model, work out enthusiast, "cuban linked" (meek mills cousins ex girlfriend), who has also been studying to become a lawyer- we now wonder if the rappers fueds have to do with his disability.

many people easily forget that the 50 year old rapper has been disabled before, due to the spats he has had in the streets, but we wonder if its time for him to speak more candidly about his situation, now that his tv shows are bringing in younger audiences. this may be a great time and space, for him to use his testimony to mentor others instead of using it as a badge of street cred now that he is older and done with music.

we are inspired by his story because its great to know that even a big bad tough man who has been likened to suge knight, can, and has overcome something health wise that was seemingly out of his control. with tales on these networks, based and rooted on real peoples lives, its better to see how he is also affected by these stories.

known for being rude, and late to grow out of his pettiness, often being quick witted against women, even the ones who have been loyal to him (like naturi naughton in jest and ex girlfriend vivica fox) we have seen that the controversies he has mustered up, as stated by rapper turned tech mogul chamillion, brings viewership. but how far has he come compared to the people he has sought to antagonize? like his ex rival billionaire hov himself and billionaire kanye west-kardashian.

we think that the idea of keeping the hip-hop culture alive, can be left to the young ones, as the old heads continue to matriculate into maturity and use mentorship to guide. we often think that some epic stories have been forgotten, and after the controversy we have been seeing lately, wish to bestow therapy onto those who have had to deal with their healing, in the spotlight.

we noticed that, with the "thisis50" hiphop blog owner, a pattern emerges and it seems to be, the rapper gets into most of his conflict when he is not as fulfilled and / or happy with another aspect in his life not only solely when he is looking to produce a product or music. in past news, its great to see him being embraced by different and diverse audiences, since, we have learned of a past video where he has wrongfully verbally violated an autistic working adult. since then the disability community has embraced him, as he has encouraged his supporters to work and create with those who may assign as disabled, different, neuro-diverse, deformed and disfigured. one of the biggest to date, is content creator, prince zee. .. with talk it out therapuetic tuesday coming to a close, we would love to know more about the bullet in his mouth, procedures recently, health conditions & how he has been since.

get well soon. see original article here

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