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TF?!| tradefor

"not sure what to call it"

a fun reading experience

filled with witt & grit.

a 10 min read  used for inspo & ponder.





where there is wit there better be some sense of humor, and where there is sarcasm there is always a way. though many of the phrases are deep dives into a pool of ponder the idea lends itself to the freedom to be courageous, do things for self & to laugh.

like any book, what is it good for if it isn't blinded to the contemplation of love and what it may mean. though this book doesn't reference the idea of being "in love" too much it does circle around the idea of identity &what it looks like to love ones self.

as always the rhetoric of andrea is the same, the freedom to live life as desired, freedom to question, the freedom to be still, the freedom to exist the freedom to take a chance the freedom to think and the freedom to love. one of her biggest quips in every frame of thought is that the mere act of thinking freely is a portrayal of the freedom itself. 

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