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control your own narrative!
barter your skills, resources time, and talents to collab connect and create.

tf?! social site


tradefor | a free social bartering & collab hub for creatives who identify as "disabled", "neuro-diverse", "deformed", disfigured, chronically-ill &/or challenged by a rare disease or different & their allies.

there is a community, this is the hub. updates, news.. content. this is not about charity. its about collaboration & connection.


singer rajarose-who openly talks about learning struggles & his ticks

search for allies & like minded individuals to connect & create with.

share your images, videos & content.

sell your products 

get discounts for everyday items and services from our small business affiliate companies.




why now?

now is the perfect time to start anew & work/create those things that were once put away. creating this online social system as a go-to space is a way to feel safer in an online world that is often over saturated with negativity.


find people committed to the same ideologies as you!

 TF?!: means "trade for"we are a bartering hub for the disabled community.
it's a company name that symbolizes creativity, it symbolizes unity & invites people into a common but under-represented market to create a fun, edgy but safe home.
"trade for" should not be confused with the slogans "time for" nor "trade for time" -often used in the photography community.

though TF?! looks like cousins with "DF" & "AF" - slang monikers often associated with aggression, anger, and sass, we promise that there is no real relation ;] now...MF on the other hand .. .....thats a different discussion. 
TF?!, when used & worn by our members, is used as a badge of honor to identify like minds & is used with pride in celebrating differences and honing talents.

the "disability" community is vastly under represented and sold to but their dollars move the economy and add to trends just the same.

see featured companies below that have joined our disable dollars count initiative that connects small businesses & newer businesses w/ our disabled pro accounts
click the image to visit their page

THE FUTURE: This is your place. Find people like you who don't mind trading their time and resources to create art. We don't care what media and/or industry you are in. We envision a place where you can find your own to connect and cultivate through bartering and trade; a place to showcase your talents and skills and a hub where people know they can find you. We envision a place where people who were not born similarly to the majority of others have a platform that allows them to amplify their voice, so that their qualms are understood. We want this place to be the go-to hub for the "abled differently" community where they know they can find and lean on people who get it. As a company we are growing with you, we do not strive for perfection but for progress. Though it will take some time, effort and we may have to modify things here and there, we hope to create a platform that you are excited to use, and log into. Something that whose interface wakes you up just by logging on. Something that is visually fun but simple and fluid to navigate and use. Think of us as your liaison that helps harness the voices that come from the different perspectives the "abled differently" community possess and uniting them with other like-minded individuals that see how useful, passionate, dedicated, strong and creative they are. A home where it feels a bit easier to find what you need and comfortable sharing the ideas, stories and experiences had in order to get things done. Judgement free, meaning no one thinking you can’t get it done but interested in figuring out the "how" do "we" help get it done together

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