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how we do this


how do we connect people to barter their time, be social, despite/with and disregard to their disability? 

we encourage users to key-in with us via the member community we are growing and cultivating. you can participate for FREE or you can become a pro-account with added benefits. review and discuss our blog, share images and your own content among one another. search and write members online. everyone who joins the site operates under their own free will, and therefore the idea of bartering and trading is rooted in the culture without having to ask, but just for re-assurance we included the ask, in the name.. TF?! means tradefor? so whenever you want to know whether a member is still inclined to barter, but you see their other socials, look for the name. or straight up ask them TF!? & yes, its suppose to be fun, funny, edgy and carefree. so if theyre offended, get them acclimated. 

  • Pro Membership

    Every month
    deals/discounts, e-book, price guarantee, promos, gifts,


create your account (free)

Pro- accounts: go into subscription & select "pro-package"

Use: "find a member" search to make contacts

search members to see projects & profiles listed

grow your network by sending messages and interacting with users

share content, add to forums, sell merch!


pro-account perks 

  • increased discount code on "TF?!" merchandise

  • membership card with secret QR code Message & "secret" page link

  • (Free) consultation with Autism Career personal Coach

  • (Free) a creative entrepreneurial class/coaching session w/ Actress J Nycole Ralph 

  • e-book PDF workbook (equipped w/ affirmations, images, and "how to start networking" encouragement

  • access to bartering and trade forum 

  • discounts from affiliate businesses: we have partnered & will continue to partner with unique and small businesses that offer great products, services & experiences, to extend special discounts exclusively to our pro-member network as part of our DISABLED DOLLARS COUNT 

  • same price guarantee (members signing up with our pro - package within the 1st two years have the price stay the same)

  • content & business highlight opportunities

Have a Business?

Become an affiliate
"disabled dollars count"

(see our landing page or submit request for more info)


no racist, prejudice,nor discriminatory offensive content

help us help you by protecting your personal data and keeping unnecessary  personal information private

make sure you're allowed to share the content in which you post 

ask that all interactions and collaborations are lead with respect


dont spam & do not harass members of this networl

stay updated with the

"terms of service


privacy policies

Site Culture:

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