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seeing the "TF?!" moniker on clothing and around town signifies a growing community of people who can relate to the idea of being misunderstood, silenced, outcasted, stereotyped and isolated due to their disabilities, disorders, disfigurements, deformities, neurological conditions and differences along with their allies.

when you see "tf?!" and/or "doyou,tf?!" you are witnessing a non-verbal cue of change beginning to occur where this community is growingly becoming vocal in their pursuit of happiness and creative content. 

monies go to adding accessibility features, fixing layouts, obtaining better assurance systems, creating events, & building programs.

its getting work done, being creative bartering and being social

without feeling judged and having to consider your disability.

its about collaboration, connection & creative content... not charity.


get your fill, chill with us here or connect by  joining the mailing list!

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