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cultivating a culture so that when you see "TF?!" it pegs the question & utters the statement..doyou,tf?! it's indicative of automatically recognizing the community, the ally-ship & the unity of the often overlooked and marginalized community. seeing someone in the garment, at an event, in service to others, or in their bio is to know a portion of what that person believes. LOCK-IN


We format this site so that the concept of bartering and trade is no longer frowned upon and is instead used as a means to harness your skills and advance you and your projects as best as you can.

whether it be behind the scenes or in front of the camera we hope to have a digital space that is about connecting and creating.

TF?!: TRADE FOR also known as "" is inspired by an amazing young boy who was filled with love and light, Chaz Antwan Williams. Honoring his character, his charm, his patience and integrity while creating a space he would have been proud of. Chaz was on the spectrum and had ambitions to become a voice over actor.


Here, hopefully, you find people who help you prove anyone wrong, and help you live a high quality life beyond your ailments while using your talents.


meet our associate coordinators / honoree artist that help in all events & programs

image of actor and company coach jnycoleralpfandrearacheldoyoutf

As seen in Book of Mormon, J Nycole Ralph loves helping others become the actors and artist-entrepreneurs that they are meant to be!  She was making $80K in her 9-5 job but got burnt out and started resenting going to work because it was not her actual dream.  She decided to change that, and she proudly boasts that she now makes six figs doing what she absolutely LOVES to do: she’s a Broadway/TV/Film actor and a bad bitch artist-entrepreneurial coach. 


She loves to help corporate boss divas do what she did and transition from their office job to being a professional BOOKING actress within 12 months, in an eye opening way without having to give up their six figure lifestyle.   

J Nycole has been living her dream of performing on Broadway and touring around the world for the past several years, telling the heartwarmingly impactful yet hilarious story, The Book of Mormon  while also working on several star-studded, award-winning films alongside Adam Sandler, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Rosario Dawson, and Yara Shahidi, just to name a few. 


She has also created her own comedic series called Working Out the Kinks, streaming on Black Oak TV, that not only makes you laugh, but also uses hair as a vehicle to explore and educate on the differences between black and white culture. 

Additionally, J Nycole is an executive producer on the American Black Film Festival feature film selection, Lola, the first African-American female boxing movie, starring Taja V. Simpson of The Bold and the Beautiful and Tyler Perry’s Boo 2.  

J Nycole honors the idea of creating diversity in film and media projects and increasing the voices of the communities! 

she is one of our main pro ambassadors lending coaching & career advice to those who join our network.


doyoutf victoriawallace_edited.jpg

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Victoria studied Theatre at Duke School of the Arts and BFA Acting & minored in Hispanic Studies at Marymount Manhattan College.


She's explored Meisner technique at William Esper Studios , Actuár en Español (Acting in Spanish) with Pablo Andrade and Maria Fontanals at HB Studios, Audition Techniques with Ulysses Terrero, and most recently, Advanced Scene Study with Wynn Handman.

Recent credits include: Cherry in BET’s “The Christmas Lottery”, Gabourey Sidibe's "The Tale of Four" as Quincy , Natasha in "High Place", T in "Arm Bar" , Rihanna T in "Ducklings" at Jack Theater, George Pelecano's BBC Radio Dramas "String Music" , "Miss Mary's Room" and as Flora in film anthology "DC Noir". She cherishes her family and friends for their unwavering support & believes whole-heartedly in advancing the conversation on disability awareness. she believes in uniting the people and holding true to your dreams. 

victoria acts an one of our main social event curators & host. engaging our attendees with her wit and banter while teaching them to be more of themselves & t be creative.

she also acts as an advocate & ambassador to our brand.


connect with andrea-rachel! founder and creator of TF?!

andrea has also created the worlds first location scouting certification program!

she is a SOFIE award-winning a-list actress, (seen on starz, hbo, nbc, bet, mtv) who has worked for along or with some huge names, like jennifer hudson


is an all around 

creative talent & entertainer turned  philanthropist

she attributes this site and it's endeavors to her late resting younger brother chaz antwan williams, who was considered to be on the spectrum, and passed away in 2014 at the age of 18yrs old.

she believes in nutritional eating, non-meat.

and has a patent pending health product leading professionals already claim to be the next big thing. 

she advocates for animals & loves music, getting her start in the creative arts through dance. between her startup endeavors, acting gigs and rescues, andrea-rachel also does private elated guiding. she completed certification in 2023 via yale & princeton in an online program. a new catch phrase of leading people into a much happier mindset & lifestyle. she provides a low cost pdf for new mothers, and her own nutritional pamphlet for leading a youthful life. 

though at the helm of this concept, she proclaims the initiative is guided by many intuitive energies that.. "understand."

read more about her pursuits at :

@ andrearachelphrases

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