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1st location scouting speciality certification!
other methodologies are designed as film schools that cost upward $200!! Here adapt our oath, learn lingo, get the honor code, reminders & tips all in one place!

bring hollywood to you! thats our motto! utilize your extra business or home spaces!  space to lease to the film, & tv, industry. Meet new people & utilize the space in a hands off way! the old adage is revamped to be a fun, and creative experience between the free, fun, spirited individuals.



+ helps industry professionals know they are working with leaders who are just as creative, passionate, fun, exhilerating and connected.


+ become part of a network of industry insiders that love to live and take control of their life by establishing strength within a committed community that declares sophistication and class.

+ give a trusted stamp of approval with team players that want to deliver and get the best work done.

+ create new memories exploring and experiencing high quality fun!

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seal of approval

acces to a creative network


Our historical trademarked certification as a Location scout!!

the seal: allows for our registered certificate applicants to use our special mrk on their respective and linked projects while pursuing their own location scouting paths. the seal shows indicates respect honor morale trust and professionalism that is unmatched, leading the way to make sure we take something like the hunt, serious.

the certification: allows our prospective scouters to gain access to a strong network while building a solid foundation.  certificate represents a system of knowledge, committment and structure.

our certificate comes with an official custom letter signed by the founder specially for applicant with applicant number as to not be duplicated and assist with authenticity.  

an honor code system and a way of staying in the know of creative spaces all over establish trust

more exposure * differentiation *preparedness* resources

become the best in the industry renting out cool new and vintage locations all over

lead the pack by becoming a trusted

location scout 

through our location certification!

or making use of our seal of approval

requirements: must be 21 years or older, valid id, fill out form, agree to terms, pay fee. 

all certifications come with a manual, manual must be proven to have been read and understood with a series of answered questions to receive a certificate. if questions are not answered correctly, a refund is provided. 


what is location scouting

..making living a lifestyle..

here, to us, location scouting is a fun way to stay creative and adventurous. we create a network of people who have unique perspective, a versatile palate and an ability to get stuff done on their own! we created an honor system to ensure the best foot forward! everyone who gets certified signs up to find the best places and/or provide their own businesses and spaces if it meets a fit. WE DO NOT TEACH a specific curriculum on location scouting! WE DO however set a standard, provide resources, come with prior knowledge and help maintain our certified spacers the energy enthusiasm optimism and unique perspective they need to create a great relationship with those they find and/or lend their space to. we do not teach a course but we provide tips and a manual that will help to propel you forward. we are designed to keep our certified group in the now, up-to-date on the latest spaces and places.

FAQs: how do i know if it is official? all our certificates will hve our official trademarked logo on it. each certificate also comes with a letter of authentication. the letter has a special randomized number and character combo that allows for authentication to verify if someone is in fact part of our certification. our seal is also with our trademarked logo. and each certificate comes with our founders original signature. disclaimer: FRANCHISE: This business is NOT a franchise, though it has licensing components, as it fails the Beale’s Franchise Rule Test (Page 50, Franchise Definition) by neither in that it, (2) imposing significant control, or providing significant assistance to the business. we do not train, teach, nor resell the usage of our emblem for other certification courses or processes. usage of emblem is to have public demonstration of process completion.LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: By reading this website or the documents it offers, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given, with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the advice. You further agree that our company cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of your business as a result of the information provided by our company. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to apply any of our information in any way to your business operations. In summary, you understand that we make absolutely no guarantees regarding income as a result of applying this information, as well as the fact that you are solely responsible for the results of any action taken on your part as a result of any given information. In addition, for all intents and purposes you agree that our content is to be considered "for entertainment purposes only". Always seek the advice of a professional when making financial, tax or business decisions....

let us know about the certification process!
by sending a review with your special number you can check authentication a spacer to with feedback as subject line header.  send an email with subject line header stating "review" for any remarks about dealing with one of our certified spacers (certified location scouts) to for support questions  contact

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new york, ny

"..there is something to be said about establishing trust within an industry that is fierce off its frivolousness, and aloof, in that it usually means traveling & picking up and going. love the concept. material is fun and simple. worth the low cost.." -v.
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