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  • TF?!| do you, tf!?| happenings

    私たちのイベント 私たちの前のイベントは自閉症の意識に捧げられました。私たちは自閉症コミュニティとつながりがあり、仲間や他の障害者がつながり、ネットワークを作り、物語の証言を共有し、表現するための快適な安全なスペースを形成するとともに、スペクトル上の人々についての知識を増やすことにつながるイベントを主催し、参加するのが大好きですリアルタイムで自分自身。 previous events look below: 前のイベントの要約 hosted at @exclusivecornerstonecafe 障害者の社会的物々交換と貿易。 今後のイベント hosted at wicafebk TF?! | tradefor social our talk-back session event recap Small Title TF?! | tradefor social this years private self-care / self-love event recap upcoming events click here

  • virtual address | TF?! | do you, tf?!

    what is a virtual address? a virtual address is an online address used for social, review, communications platforms for digital companies who may not have a brick & motor. we also see that newer startups, international businesses who are opening in the states & businesses in transition utilize virtual addresses. some, not all virtual companies offer mail correspondence & image view of mail, we do not. our virtual addresses are used for people who are digital but want to have or need to have a brick & motor address. to use one of our addresses is $5.00 a month. ​ a virtual address is like the face of the company. it means adding trust, forming reputation and dressing up your company so that it may attract more clients. get virtual address subscrip get a virtual address from us today... grab a monthly subscription to utilize our virtual business address. these address go to real brick & motor which allows for added legitimacy to newer companies & startups still getting started. we do not allow deliveries here. we do not allow pick ups, drop-off nor stop by. however, we do verification digitally for those who need an available address for their online companies. we do not make any ascertain-ions to the legitimacy of any company outside of providing them a virtual address. each address may have more than one company associated with it. Contact thank you for considering us. we will do our best to respond & resolve each & every correspondence. all questions comments and concerns can be fwd to the emails alongside.. or

  • price | TF?! | do you, tf?!

    get more bang for your buck Pro Membership $ 15 15$ 1か月ごと deals/discounts, e-book, price guarantee, promos, gifts, 選択する * 15% off from our affiliate companies products & services *increased discounts off of our TF?! "exclusive" merchandise *exclusive QR code embedded to a surprise *select surprise product samples from companies special TF?! sticker *free e-book (motivational stories, quotes, checklist & more *free Coaching session with "Autism Personal Coach" *same price guarantee for members joining within first yrs *special promotional deals for advertisement *free coaching session with broadway actress J nycole Ralph location scouts database $ 10 10$ 1か月ごと get found easily as a location scout! join our database today! 選択する database of other location scouts get seen by film, tv & event pros discuss opportunities in the location scouts group ​membership is essentially free. you get to find, meet, discuss projects with everyone on the network as the platform grows. but if you choose to take the next step by becoming a pro-member you essentially help us build a better online dynamic for the users. not only will you be rewarded with some exclusive deals as mentioned above but we are then able to grow the site more consistently and effectively to begin accessible add-ons and infrastructure. we can increase virtual and real-time events which create more networking and bartering opportunities. we can also begin to implement our job incentives, contest, increase giveaways and more...we hope you choose a pro-account as we grow but to us every member is already vip!

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