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SAGAWARDS 29th Occasion

today around 5pm pacific time, & 8pm eastern time sag-aftra will be holding its 29th annual ceremony. the award season celebrates the women and men of the hollywood industry as they applaud them on their creations and impact.

we were lucky enough to see some of the films and series that are up for debate on whether or not they're the best of the best this season and we are almost certain, that this year was the hardest decision to make thus far.

with films like everything everywhere, and severance, we are excited to hear and see the winners. hosted on youtube for the first time, we want to give node to some nominees, regardless if they win or not, because yes they were just that good to watch.

Hustle starring adam sandler, what else is there to say, there hasn't been a film where he has let us down yet. this is a feel good film about a coach looking to find his way but gets taken by the young men he looks to help and assist. more specifically, we see adam act as the coach of the 76'ers. intense and inspiring are the takeaways

Severance john turturro and adam scott are standout sin this series. if you're into mind bending series. this is it. the best to do it this year, apple takes you on a dive as it follows, on the surface, the lives of people who work at a company who chose to have their brain altered so that they may only remember work tasks at work and home life outside of the building. not knowing if their neighbors are also co-workers, and figuring out the effects of all this after, this series takes you on a ride you'll be sure to want to visit again. it also acts as a metaphor on those who experience a tragedy and compartmentalize life thereafter. often opting to forget events, and using work as an escape, so the time just goes by.. drifting in and out of thoughts, while their brain works overtime.. honorar performance, chris walken & patricia arquette

Everything everywhere all at once another mind twisting event, this follows an asians family journey on generational trauma, differences, and healing as they navigate financial troubles and divorce. we love that this speaks to an ambitious woman, of an older age that has to begin to find her bearings as the world around her as she knows it tends to unravel and make something new. we see an interesting composite of how she begins to come to understandings of her own life, a different self, her daughter, her husband and those around her. filled with action, humor & sarcasm, we are excited for the world to be excited too. we think one of the most pivotal portrayals are not only from star michelle yeoh but her co-star ke hu quan

till one of the most important stories of this decade, we see a depiction of the death of emmett till as it relates to his living relatives and the story told by his surviving mother, over time. one of the most jaw shattering and hard to watch films portrayed by danielle deadwyler where she packs an important punch in every scene.


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