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what is a virtual address?

a virtual address is an online address used for social, review, communications platforms for digital companies who may not have a brick & motor. we also see that newer startups, international businesses who are opening in the states & businesses in transition utilize virtual addresses.  some, not all virtual companies offer mail correspondence & image view of mail, we do not. our virtual addresses are used for people who are digital but want to have or need to have a brick & motor address.  to use one of our addresses is $5.00 a month. 

a virtual address is like the face of the company. it means adding trust, forming reputation and dressing up your company so that it may attract more clients. 

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get a virtual address from us today...

grab a monthly subscription to utilize our virtual business address. these address go to real brick & motor which allows for added legitimacy to newer companies & startups still getting started. we do not allow deliveries here. we do not allow pick ups, drop-off nor stop by. however, we do verification digitally for those who need an available address for their online companies. we do not make any ascertain-ions to the legitimacy of any company outside of providing them a virtual address. each address may have more than one company associated with it. 


thank you for considering us. we will do our best to respond & resolve each & every correspondence. all questions comments and concerns can be fwd to the emails alongside.. 

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