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  • TF?!| do you, tf!?| happenings

    nos événements notre événement précédent était dédié à la sensibilisation à l'autisme. nous avons un lien avec la communauté de l'autisme et aimons organiser et participer à des événements qui conduisent à accroître les connaissances sur ceux qui sont sur le spectre ainsi qu'à former des espaces sûrs et confortables pour les alliés et autres personnes handicapées pour se connecter, réseauter, partager des histoires, des témoignages et exprimer eux-mêmes en temps réel. ​ previous events look below: récapitulatif de l'événement précédent hosted at @exclusivecornerstonecafe handicap social troc & commerce. évènements à venir hosted at wicafebk TF?! | tradefor social our talk-back session event recap Small Title TF?! | tradefor social this years private self-care / self-love event recap upcoming events click here

  • TF?! | do you, tf?! |give extra

    why you should give & where your money would go programs member protection we want to be able to provide the proper data protection as our community grows. allowing for better servers, privacy restrictions, giving them unlimited data reliability with their own content. being able to provide security checks and have insurance is an objective to help establish trust and further legitimizes the company. along with that we hope to be able to grow our accessibility features, making the site easier to use and manage for all walks of life and therefore encouraging more engagement. curated events, production & content want to keep this community, their allies and kids in great space to network, hone their craft and develop skills. setting up events rooted in facilitating these conversation in fun and unique ways alongside bringing in the entertainment industry aids in doing so. donating allows us to make these events special and tailored being able to provide job opportunities. rewards & referrals want to be able to set up rewards and referral programs for the youth and college students to better assist them ion their journey and to get the right people on board to spread awareness and aid in content. being able to provide grants, scholarships, project development and support afterhours is one of our main priorities as this community grows. creative grant contest THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN TO THIS PLATFORM!!

  • price | TF?! | do you, tf?!

    get more bang for your buck Pro Membership $US 15 15$US Tous les mois deals/discounts, e-book, price guarantee, promos, gifts, Sélectionner * 15% off from our affiliate companies products & services *increased discounts off of our TF?! "exclusive" merchandise *exclusive QR code embedded to a surprise *select surprise product samples from companies special TF?! sticker *free e-book (motivational stories, quotes, checklist & more *free Coaching session with "Autism Personal Coach" *same price guarantee for members joining within first yrs *special promotional deals for advertisement *free coaching session with broadway actress J nycole Ralph location scouts database $US 10 10$US Tous les mois get found easily as a location scout! join our database today! Sélectionner database of other location scouts get seen by film, tv & event pros discuss opportunities in the location scouts group ​membership is essentially free. you get to find, meet, discuss projects with everyone on the network as the platform grows. but if you choose to take the next step by becoming a pro-member you essentially help us build a better online dynamic for the users. not only will you be rewarded with some exclusive deals as mentioned above but we are then able to grow the site more consistently and effectively to begin accessible add-ons and infrastructure. we can increase virtual and real-time events which create more networking and bartering opportunities. we can also begin to implement our job incentives, contest, increase giveaways and more...we hope you choose a pro-account as we grow but to us every member is already vip!

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