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an emblem for autism: new texas license plates for those on the spectrum

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

darla farmer, hope for three ceo, spearheaded the new license plate initiative in richmond, texas recently. even though it was years in the making, they have now adapted a new license plate marked with a cute design, that will signal to officers in advance that they are dealing with a driver who may possibly be on the spectrum. though, it does not eradicate issues of stigma from the officers that many of those who are on the spectrum have faced and felt before, it does aide in informing the officers in advance so that they may better realize how to deescalate a situation.

the plate can be bought in the state at their dmv, for $30 dollars and must be renewed every year. the license plates are aimed at educating not only other drivers about who is on the road but law enforcement. the bill passed in the House earlier this year with a bi-partisan vote and immense support from state representative" stated jetton.

“In my heart, I thought, ‘What would be the first opportunity for an officer to know they may meet a driver with a challenge?’” said farmer. "autism is a spectrum, meaning no reaction to a traffic stop is the same. those who live with this behavioral disorder may have sound sensitivity and/or poor eye contact. there is an emblem on there, okay, we may have to turn our sirens off. we may have to turn our front lights off...,” officer williams with the missouri city police department said

though many are still skeptical, unsure of what an emblem can help, and insist upon better training for officers when it comes to dealing with those on the spectrum, we do see that this is a step in the proper direction, and hope it makes the driving experience better for all on the road.

this is reminiscent and indicative of the samuel allen bill that was passed.

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