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mr. wahlberg speaks openly about the loss of his mother during the making of his new film, as well as prepping for a part that mentions a bout with IBM & a degenerative muscle disorder. he says "i've practiced 50 years to be able to play this role" and we believe him. one of our fave actors to date, we loved to see him in four brothers! throughout the start of the pandemic he has been open about his vegan diet as well as making sure he stays fit for upcoming projects and what that means for him. his latest project is a bit controversial though as it also stars some actors who were shunned from huge big box office hits according to hollywood standards more than 10 years ago for racial slurs.

the mega movie maker mr. wahlberg discussed how having mel gibson in his film helped him. with the discussion of "passion" at the helm. brings in some concerns because even though many of us have either forgiven or forgotten about mel gibson's banter, we understand that it too may have relapsed some others dealing with their own heavy family lifting. though we admit that the hollywood friend of charlie sheen may need to be under a watchful eye, he should be open to a reboot after so many years? after all, the likes of justin beiber, and post malone have since been forgiven collectively? who knows. but we have recently learned that the star spoke out about his battle with bipolar disorder in 2008 . being the young girl who has grown up hearing men speak viciously to their daughters, gfs and wives, seeing that the added derogatory term used to give a deeper dig was used hit more during youth with the realization, that some men just wont know how to be considerate.

what we are here to say though is that with this new transition of acting for mr. wahlberg, despite the controversy of the co-stars, we are excited to see him in a new film. he is deserving. but with the talks about mel gibson, how can we forget to shine light on the main lethal weapon dyslexia star, danny glover, who was recently honored alongside the great mf'ing sam l. jackson, and given the honorary Oscar, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award either despite or due to standing firm alongside his colleague after the viral moment.

though it deeply saddens us to hear that our movie stars enjoy & like to disrespect their black counterparts either directly or indirectly (saying the n word to white counterparts who will never feel the tinge) by using the slur, his works & admission to alcohol abuse may cast for a more forgiving eye...

though mark declares his unofficial retirement, this is an ode to my former 2-4 year (pandemic occurred) standing talent agency APA who represent the likes of mel gibson alongside some others. we may not see eye to eye but namaste to the workers on getting to redemption throughout the scandals.

the entire thing is bananas so may this return & go better for us all. an ode to an agency, may we all be a bit wiser in governing ourselves. - chief

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