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the scent of winning at cannes

there are many trendy disability conversations happening right-now that sometimes makes those of the community feel as though no real action will be taken. some brands beat that notion, by amplifying voices, and increasing merit. as inclusivity for those who are different expands more by the innovation of brands making adaptive wear, degree, yes the deodorant company, launched a commercial for their new adaptive smell good item at "festival de cannes" and we must say, its breeds optimism for the future.

the cco, of wunderman, sebastian tarazaga,boasted about the commercial win being a first at the grand prix for Argentinians.

“Winning in Cannes is something beautiful, and to find out that we had won the first Grand Prix in Innovation in the history of Argentina is impressive,” Tarazaga said in a statement. “It makes me very happy to know that all the work of so many people is recognized in the most important festival in the world. I also want to congratulate Unilever for betting on making such an idea a reality. This not only inspires the entire industry, but also everyone else, whether or not part of it, to want to grow and make the world a better place for everyone.”

you will be happy to learn that the campaign and design is helmed by those who subscribes as disabled. you can watch the commercial here and gain more info on the festival and its wins & check out degree.

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