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#moviemagic: afollypet

tf?! | there are foods that we love as treats, so much so we have incorporated them into our every day lives. what started out as a way to find balance and enjoy our meals while learning how to excite our taste buds, has turned into a gawky exaggeration of who can afford the most luxurious foods, continuously. it has seems we have passed that down to our beloved animals.

in “pet fooled” we hear about the weird supposed atrocities conducted by the food industry. harmful chemicals? over processed foods? higher concentrations of nutrients that our bodies is designed to excrete have been given and pushed to the animal industry and consumers have found out about it in an alarming way.

this documentary opens up the consumers eyes to the propaganda set by the animal food industry.. and asks owners to instead adopt a raw diet for their pets.

for us the reality is that, we believe in balance. though the information makes sense in most scenarios, using exaggerated spiels to purposely switch audiences isn’t our thing either, at least not purposely. it is easy to watch the documentary & think that a raw diet of meat is best for domesticated cats, and though they do try to clarify it wasn’t not especially nor specifically laid out for optimal understanding.

it is important to specify that a balanced diet is the way. and that though foods can harbor chemicals for shelf life, or have a higher salt/sugar quantity or maybe even be depleted of nutrients… as a treat, once in a while, or to help offset cost when trying to be frugal so as to save money, these options come in handy. to suggest that felines usually eat mice, is a fallacy. healthy ones just need meat and usually just play with the rodents… unless they are desperate for food, a healthy cat hunts birds. to suggest that snakes wont eat a salad because they only eat mice is not completely true. they only hunt mice, because over time, mice have been proven to to have good eye sight, not be able to pick up on their movement and generally they know the creature to eat things that convert into the enzymes the snakes need to live. if you were to inject another item, with the same proteins, enzymes and nutrients, that also give it a scent to alert said snakes that they would get the same nutrients, and make it so that the item is similar in texture.. something that works with their jaw, their teeth etc.. overtime, the snakes would learn to eat the other item, because those receptors would begin to understand that it feels just as healthy and good, and meets the texture needs. obviously most people wouldn’t go through great lengths to do that, and that is also costly.. but that is besides the point. the point being, all animals eat that which they feel will sustain them, and it almost never has to be another animal, so to suggest people are better off feeding their animal roadkill, instead of processed foods, is not as accurate as we had hope. if the roadkill was rotting, infected, or even in fear, it could be detrimental to the animal. so we would not suggest giving roadkill to your animal instead of processed food, we would however say, that it seems best to feed the animals as we would like to be fed ourselves, which means, a balance, of grain, greens, protein, etc. including treats that may harbor salt or sugar.

with that being said, we love the look inside to the white labeling, the crowded manufacturing, the interviews the rehabilitation of wild life etc. we believe this is great information for every owner to know share and take into consideration.

note: we are not animal doctors nor experts just giving unsolicited opinions of a films we think viewers would be interested to watch, and adding our cents based off our experiences. we suggest any viewer utilizes their own discretion.

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