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body-positivity vs body-dysmorphia

a lot of times when we speak on body shaming, and body positivity, we forget the underlining of them both..body dysmorphia which in simplest form means people not seeing their curves, limbs and anatomy the way many (if not all) others do. often, their outlook drastically increases/decreases a particular component that they really despise or heightens it in their mind, never quite adding up to the reality.

we bring that up, because in a world that went through a trend, like anorexia, the glorification of bigger breast, and the trend of a big booty, we are currently in a trend where major celebrities are now coming forward about the difficult relationship they once had regarding their own body & where it stemmed from. where are in a trend of hearing stories of resentment & regret for not loving their bodies how it was.

when super star rapstress nicki minaj sat down with joe budden, one of the first talking points about entering an industry like the hip-hop one she has dominated, she refers to one of the many jokes, comments and conversations she had with her then mentor and rap spar partner lil' wayne. though we know mr. carter has openly praised mrs. petty, not only for her lyrical diversity, but also her confidence & beauty.. she did however emphasize, that being around certain looks, and seeing the certain physique of vixens and muses, made her begin to question her "look" as a rising star. a conversation, regarding body she should not have to have but a conversation women in the rap industry find themselves having constantly none the less.

at the start of the bbl, lipo, trend-where models, musicians, and even every day people wanted & went to get a slimmer waistline and an extra visible derriere, its safe to reckon that hollywood, went from big tits, to sass & a**!! and though we love it, we do notice that these dialogues only seem to effect the women and leave out our men. why are we still questioning the parts of women, that men get to hide? maybe when the trend was new, and prevalent it would be safe to have conversations, out of interest and intrigue, but with all the medical procedures, and information out there now to help women make their decision.. why does "look" play such a role for the success of a woman, when men, get to just, be men? why is our look, always the key to a conversation? the key to getting in? the key to lasting? the key to being seen, believed and heard? when our men just get to be good, at their thing, whatever that is?

in discussing the legacy that mr. budden has himself added to the hip-hop world, conversations of entering/staying, choices to leave, last album, & numbers were more likely to be the main conversation. worries and fears on whether or not women would find him pleasing, or if he should or should not have facial hair, or if he was too tall or short never come up, so in 2022, after over 10 plus years of album sales and numbers, shows, perfumes,polish, and stats...why is it that women are subjected to comparison & fitting in?? and if our looks are the main topic, what is the proper way to go about it?

we can say, that finding out the newer/younger generations did not find cosmetic surgery to be as big of a deal as older generations may have and finding out that they just did not care whether or not a girl was natural or surgically enhanced, was indeed shocking at first. from an older generation where the open dialogue surrounding plastic surgery was shunned, it was interesting to witness the kids claiming that it gave a sense of control and ownership over their look that they once did not have. coming from a time where wigs use to be hidden, and now theyre highlighted on timelines, we were in fact curious to know when the shift happened in the perception of what being "real" meant, but also, and most importantly "what looking good meant".

with our own belief that being grounded with a balance of confidence is usually the way to exude sex appeal - we must say, we are surprised to see that body image is still a curiosity, and a conflict in the rap industry.

so the better question is, how do we have these conversations about looks, in a healthier way? they did it beautifully. she opens up by answering the question "what would young you tell the you that's current?" she takes a dive into the realization that she should have appreciated herself more. she goes on to emphasize her talent as well as her body when she first came into the game instead of listening to those who may have influenced her, unbeknownst to them. and she states,

the reality is though, that in a day & age where celebs are becoming open & honest about their flaws, their trials, their hurdles, their fears & their loves.. body image being questioned, shamed, & changed is still in fact the cousin to body dysmorphia. we love that even though she is happy with herself & has gone on to have a beautiful family with a man who really loves her, she infact encourages young women to stay true to themselves & love their own body despite the pressures of the industry & the trend. a lot of people she feels, comes into the industry trying to emulate her, even down to hairstyles & color choices, but the reality is, that in this day & age, she feels the best way to succeed and go forward is by being yourself. that is a wonderful message to give the girls.. and "gworls" as we see more bisexual, gay and queer men enter the rap game. other stars who have battled with body image/dysmorphia is mary kate & ashley, and zoe kravits. we have learned that it is a never ending battle. body dysmorphia can escalate to eating disorders like bulimia (those who binge eat & then regurgitate it afterwards) and anorexia (those who may go long bouts without eating at all. its important to know that body dysmorphia is a trick of the mind, and can become exasperated with negative people around you. if you want a better chance at loving and accepting yourself, its useful to get around people that remind you that youre beautiful. have a medical professional you can speak to on call. as well as knowledge about foods, to create a better relationship with diet. its easier said than done but eating disorders such as anorexia & bulimia can wreak havoc over the body over long periods of time.

watch the entire interview here and tune into the newest season of carpool karaoke w/ james corden & nicki minaj here


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