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Erin Gilmer

TF?! wants to send condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of erin gilmer. she was a lawyer, and disability rights activist who also happened to battle many of her own conditions as well. said to be a great friend, at just 38 years of age, she sought to end her bright future ahead. she lived a life filled with purpose and conviction dedicated to keeping medical issues private, and lowering drug cost for the general public, we are deeply surprised by the news.

erin worked as a lawyer in her own law firm in texas that she got in 2012. she was able to amass a following because people saw her as both an ally and an inspiration, showing them how to make the medical system more feasible for them. being transparent about her journey and advocating for a different kind of society, she is an author of the book, “A Preface to Advocacy: What You Should Know as an Advocate,” which is available online free of charge.

ms. gilmer, who did competitive swimming as a child, began to develop health problems in high school. as she excelled in school, she graduated with enough advanced credits to skip a year of college at the university of colorado, boulder. she studied psychology and economics, and she graduated summa cum laude in 2005. focused on health law and human rights, training herself to be both a policy expert and an activist; she later called her blog Health as a human right.

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