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....for us by us tv?

Updated: May 20, 2022

for those of you who dont know what is going on lately with the shark daymond john, we are here to tell you that the fubu billionaire is not slowing down anytime soon.

with a regular appearance on shows like shark tank, and a fubu podcast that has hit the internet, it seems that the hip-hop fashion mogul who got his start with clothing called "For Us By Us" is launching his own streaming platform with partners Jay Alexander Martin.

originally, the father and husband mr. john, was most notable for his impact with street wear, along the other brands like, sean john, enyce, baby phat, s. carter and has quickly diversified his portfolio with other outside investments, mainly seen on the hit abc show alongside, some other big names like, mark cuban, mr. wonderful, lori greiner and rohan oza.

"For Us By Us Network will be available starting April 1 on Roku, Apple, Amazon Prime, Samsung TV and more platforms, launching with a quarterly price of $24.99 or $79.99 annually along with his partners jay alexander who was one out of three to help launch and catapault the fubu brand in the early 90's.

Previous programs from For Us By Us — like “Chopping It Up With Oakley,” a cooking show starring the NBA legend Charles Oakley — will be incorporated into the new platform’s own streaming library, which will also feature original episodic series and films. Currently, the network is in production on four original series and movies in Atlanta."

the most anticipated show out rightnow, is "the making of saucy santana" who is an openly gay rapper, that went "viral" once his car was shot up. since then, hanging around some other influence'rs, like ari, money-bag yo and tae, he has been open about the trials and tribulations and criticisms he has faced in his pursuit of music. daymond john who has spoken about his learning difficulties with dyslexia, is known and loved throughout the hip-hop and influencer space. jay alexander, who is known to be private but is equally notable and treasured has gotten the community excited about the upcoming content.

the dynamic duo has done extremely well to re-brand and keep the name "fubu" consistent with change and innovation over the last couple years. though people argue that daymond is "only" worth 350mill by himself.. he owns, and operates brand worth more than 1 billion over the last few years. we were excited to make their acquaintance and cant wait to see the positive impact a network like this can bring within the community. the shows are catered to the culture of the black community, following the likes of revolt tv as well as some others like ovnio, all black tv (original owners of bet), kweli tv and everything digital.

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