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...justice for all?

elijah mclains family may very well get some justice as it has been stated that the officers and medics recieved a penalty for the behavior during his encounter.

for some that may not know, elijahs passing had everyone upset on the internet due to the lack of disregard for the boys dying plead. he pronounced his innocence, along with yelling why they may be confusing him for someone else, he explained profusely why he was outside, and his intentions on going home, he also pleaded with the officers to let him breathe as well as announced that he is admittedly just “alittle different”.

the world fell inlove with him a bit too late. before he had a way to shine on this earth he was taken from his friends, family and close associates. with the world trying to rectify his death now, many feel as though these penalties are befitting.

Attorney General Phil Weiser said a grand jury indicted the officers and fire department paramedic jeremy cooper and fire lt. peter cichuniec on charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

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