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more... pain relief?

and we hope this is not an april fools joke, in 2021, the medicinal use of marijuana and CBD was legalized in many states.. now with a 220 to 204 vote, marijuana use was decriminalized in the state of new york today on a federal level & written as legislation.

what does this mean? if passed by senate, people would now be able to enjoy the medicinal uses of marijuana publicly without being worried of charges against them. this may come as a surprise for a few, but many users of the substance, (which can go from being natural to being farmed & having different strains) have praised both recreational & medicinal usage of marijuana.

with marijuana having different components that make up the plant, the base of the argument is that along with some strains of thc, cbd has a healing power of its own. cbd, has long been used in the relief of anxiety, decreasing stress, in turn lowering blood pressure, reducing seizures, helping with inflammation and much more.

the MORE act, Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, listed today could possibly be "lowering law enforcement and incarceration costs and imposing new taxation, the bill would save the government hundreds of millions of dollars. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the act would reduce the federal deficit by nearly $3 billion over the next decade." ms. mace who passed on this bill to push her own with a lower taxation on it.

though many are skeptical of it passing senate, many more think that times have changed tremendously & people are ready to begin adding other alternative methods to their healing regimen. if anything, the alternative, mellows people out enough to allow them to keep their cool, and unwind, safely.

the proof is where? in the pain relief! thirty-seven states have legalized cannabis for medical use, and 15 have granted adults legal access for purely recreational purposes.

you can read more here


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