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met gala glam

we are just here giving the yyyyaaaaaasss to the 2022 looks of the met ball held in nyc this evening. though pete davidson seems to be the talk of the town due to his debut with kim kardashian-west so many people scrutinized for not hitting the target. we saw the likes of blakel lively, and billie ellish who ripped the runway, so to speak, as well as some honorable mentions, like sza.

though many people complained that the artist, celebs and deseigners were not exactly on "theme" think the general consensus is that many people came to eaaaaaaaaatttt tonight.

the designers are usually given a theme, which was "gilded glamour" for this year, but its always, open for interpretation. where gilded ages, is likenede to the victorian era, and puffy dress & tight corset look, some, like cardi B, designed to focus on gilded as in "gold" & play up the glam.

we have looks from nicki who (has recently discussed having anxiety about the expectations she had regarding her looks when she first entered the music industry), that modernize the puffy dress, by adding feathers and giving an opening that shows leather pants.then the looks of singer chloe bailey who did a chic sophisticated version of the strapless corset look with an a -line dress bottom and thigh high split.

here is another below:

but our main question is, where was bey, hov & rih????? aka teamalwayswin, teamgetmoney teamnevermiss teamthesh*t teamgiveoutthekeysandgrantdegrees??? is the met really the met without the likes of them? we would've love to see a preggers bump on the carpet...y'kno, for the culture... take some looks at throwback of the legendary mj status group, slaying their mets.

though we always try to spotlight artist and celebs with disabilities, mental health issues like ptsd, anxiety, bpd, deformities & differences, would've been even better to see more representation on the carpet at the met. would've been great to see the looks of megan fox & machine gun kelly. we also miss the looks of adele who alluded to the idea that she may have a residency she is preparing for.

cheers to next years.


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