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#moviemonday: thefeelbetter sheepsard train?

as you know, this is a #moviemonday kind of night, and while we are always down for a good series, we are most excited to start the week off discussing a great film most recently released on hulu.

though it has sparked much controversy around the morale of the film, as well as who the film is about, we must talk about how timely this piece seems to be.

created by reel enigma productions, not to be mistaken with reel works based in new york, and written by the new jersey native, laurie & q sheepard! from "blame", we are loving a new film that not only spotlights PTSD but also makes references to other phobias as well. like a fear of holes... known as "tryphobia" well as demonstrating what some would do for clout, which has been linked to "fomo" or "fear of missing out". we give a laugh by the nuances in the film that orchestrate catastrophe, but leave the statement of .. you can always try again tomorrow, in our aaliyah voice.

well, well, ALL ABOARD!! we are here to gather you today regarding, "not okay", though we hope most of are readers are, or becoming mentally stronger (at the very least) with every word, we are all aboard this new jersey train station because the film lends a great voice on different takes on gun violence, as well as the desire to find notoriety & fame these days among the youth. as we have read, shepardi is not too far from feeling the angst of not being as seen and heard as she would like, referencing her past and making sure to have stories told that not only embrace the queer community but also construct a space to converse about these topics.

with a young girl, looking to advance her writing, she accidentally takes a lie too far, and befriends a younger girl, rowan alden, who is marvelously played by mia isaac. hats off to these two for holding this story line together at the seams. with display of support groups becoming more popular & necessary, as well as identifying the macho men who pretend to be things they are not, we have to say that we meet sheepard differently with this writing style & it brings us loads of calmness.

but back to our main focus, and reason for spotlighting this movie at all. Ms. isaac. her presence during her spoken word moments is eye catching & pulls you into the moment to stop what you're doing. this budding talent who has also been cast for the cultural think piece film, "black cakke" will soar.

here are some words she spoke most recently on these parts. which speaks to why she is able to play these films so well.

as a disabled ally & activist once said, "these celebs aren't us, these films and these pieces are not us, only we can be ourselves, but its always good to see the effort of that in these portrayals, we just wish to add our voices in what that could like over time"

mia isaac portrayal in this film is a reflection of that. people who struggle with mental health do not want people mocking or mimicking them, they do not want people to falsely understand & they do not need people trying their life experiences on for size/fun. they want to be seen & heard, and just like this film projects, those imitating in hopes of reaping benefits they do not deserve, will eventually feel the isolation they thought didn't come with it- because that is what happens when you try to force your way into community &nothing has happened to you before. maybe sheepsardi knows about that a little too well, and that is why you chose to write such a distinct and dynamic movie. either way. we say choo choo!!!


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