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tf?!: holiday AMAZING deals..frm amazon

Updated: Jun 11

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amazon affiliate links program gift guide

the political climate has been crazy with many questioning how to work smarter not harder.. and how to stay with some side income during these fluctuating times. needing things to become cheaper but still wanting to feel like youre getting enough bang for your buck since every item is a splurge, the super fix has been amazon. the one stop shop for consumers go to needs....

so amazon saw a hole, and filled it.. adding affiliate marketing that hit the internet streets so hard, it became difficult to feel as though, everyone on these pltfrms werent, trendy digital scam pushers. go figure, we have been seeing an influx of these affiliates, win big & score big by suggesting their favorite picks & the items that best fit their audience.. as we answer whether or not we think if the affiliate linking is still a thing.. we will.. also list some quick pick holiday items to share.. that we hope bring about some cool looks for the season. practical, functional, affordable but fly.

here are links to the first few items that caught our attenion for those who like to travel in the colder months:

travel pillow: best way to get some well needed sleep while on long or extended flights. we've all been in a position where we wanted to pull out the eating table & lay our heads on it but it seemed too low or not really the best fit. so we are forced to tilt our heads back and stay upright to get some added shut eye. not with this, this makes it so that everywhere you go, you get rest.

foot hammock: though this one may seem a bit unconventional and not one of the most needed items, we do think it has a place for those with deformities, differences, height issues or people who can be some what germ - a - phobic. we like the idea and concept of it more, as it is one of those items you may consider taking just to add a splash of razzle dazzle.

sleep headset: this one is a game changer forreal. if you love to listen to music or gentle sounds to fall asleep at night, and you love to cover your heads or eyes for added comfort and to reduce puffiness.. then here is a perfect fit. you get to do both at the same time while keeping the noise down and the lights low. this way a roommate or partner who doesnt want to hear the same things but shares a room or bed with you can also have a soundless sleep.

light hat: best way to listen to music, and get work down outside at night. beautiful for people who like to be outdoors doing crafts but also want to make the experience more of their own. this light hat allows any traveler to stay connected to an additional light source in case of any emergencies. best for construction workers, woodsmans, handy men, location scouts, grifters, rideshare, emergency workers, and more.

and here are some of the holiday items we think viewers could appreciate: wall charger : we love an "all purpose" anything or an "all in one".. multi-function is always best for the multi-hyphenate. best way to get the better bang for a buck so with this item, its a no brainer.. get it to have in case of any travel emergencies if you can. this way, you feel better knowing that youre more likely able to hook up to something. key tracker: okay so we all have needed this before. with the concept being similar to an air tag, this is made specifically for keys with apps that help to keep everything in one location via your device. this is a great way to have reassurance that no matter what, your keys and phone stay with you. neck warmer: for additional support and comfort, we love this as a holiday gift. while most times we get bulky massagers that vibrate and dont add warmth, this neck massager is a portable small device that fits closely to the neck to supply much needed warmth. its the holiday season and we know for many that means finding ways to keep warm while around family that remind you why you went cold in the first place. we think this is a great modernized version of a neck warmer for those that like tech, aethetics and functionality. silent basketball: we are in love with this affordable holiday gift item that operates to cater toward a overstimulated child. those with different noise icks can now be happy to play basketball due to this sound cancelling bball. dribble and score baskets without annoying the neighbors, without waking other guest or just by not having to be annoyed by the loud sound of the bounce. great for children with stimuli differences, learning conditions or behavioral changes. night vision goggles: posted with the night owl in mind, this seems to be a good way to help with those who have glares while driving on the road due to different stigmas and eye conditions. allowing for a yellow coated uv protection filter.. driving through the night can be made easier when with these glasses as to protect from the blinding of the night street and car lights.

lastly heated gloves. now this one is on a bit of the pricier side but the reality is that, this is more than worth it if you are in the cold. we love that it covers up all the important parts of teh hand and gives the illusion of a normal glove, allowing most to work as needed in the cold with less and limited interference.

thanks for checking our list. while we say, that affiliate marketing can still be a thing, we are realizing it is about the items itself. about the way inwhich a consumer can get use out of it or be made to fall for the item versus if the idea / concept works.. seems to us, the idea of referral networking will always somewhat work. we hope these items find you all well enough this season. remember when sharing to promote items that your audiences can find useful and suitable. while this may not be a way to make a ton of money, it can sure bring in an extra few dollars here and there to cover smaller cost.

& to clarify, while we do not work directly with amazon and do not share nor endorse these companies listed above exclusively, through an amazon affiliation link sharing program, we may be able, like some others to generate small cash flow via this. check out their affiliation link sharing page to sign up


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