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tf?!| wu....the women

pictured above: hulu actresses ebony obsidian, zolee griggs, & our creator andrea-rachel on the set of wutang saturday

as season 3 comes to a close, we are so proud to say that we have had a small hand in helping tell a major story. a story of survival, grit, guts, glory, celestial guidance but also, sheer luck and a bunch of being at the right place at the right time.

we have seen the characters grow and we are proud to discuss the bold risk taken by the men of wu... including but not limited to rza played by ashton sanders , ol' dirty bastard played by tj atoms, dennis who is played by siddiq saunderson, dave east who plays method man, julien martinez who plays as divine diggs and u-god played by damani d sease.

seen in above image is tj atoms who plays as odb, legend rapper q-tip, producer writer director peebles alongside, wu-tang creator writer and exec producer, rza of the hit rapping group wu-tang clan.

but its time to show love to the ladies.. the ladies who helped light the show up, and the ladies of thunder who sustained it.


who can also be seen in sisters the tyler perry show & stars as a love interest.

who has made her directorial debut with "the big payback" on pbs

zolee griggs: who plays as the love interest of dennis d in the series and began her career as a model.

& last but not least


andrea-rachel: who played as mama ganja in the first two seasons of the hulu series.

honorable mentions... marcus callendar, malcom xavier...joey badazz, damani d. sease as u-god.

and ofcourse ....

honorable mentions for the ladies is our castmate lala anthony from power & casting director, kim coleman. who also cast films and shows little, starring marsai martin, the lebron space jam, inside man with denzel washington, house party with jacob latimore, hustle with adam sandler, tyler perrys good deeds and many more. epic styling goes to april walker & marci rodgers

seen in the image right above is andrea-rachel as mama ganja, alongside tj atoms as ol'dirty bastard, ashton sanders as rza, dave east (across from tj) as method man and siddiq saunders as ghostface in a group huddle for a scene of wu-tang.

exec produced by alex tse of hulu

we just like the show, we seen first hand the energy that it took for the series to come together... so we give our graces. to watch the series... look here.

more images of the show & cast


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