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tf?!| #moviemagic: "ella ella ella aayyee"

the gentlemen

as quiet as its kept, one of the best films out, is the iconic matthew mcconaughey, who does masterful character work in a poignant film, “the gentleman”. mcconaughey, does a balanced dance of grit, and lover in this action packed business film. like a wolf of wall street, with the underlining story being love and enlightenment.

caught in a feud between friends, over a business structure format that is believed to take off, coupled with land inventory that may increase in value, we see his true character shine, when it comes to seeking revenge for his wife. in a day and age where every man decides to hide their love to better protect, we see that emphasis revealed, when dis-pleasingly so, his wife his harmed in hopes of leveraging information over him, and breaking up his home.

filled with the right amount of sarcasm and sincerity we believe this to be one of the best films he has done to date, and we just know, his next character work will beget him some academy acknowledgement. its always great to know that an actor has a great ability to transform into a being effortlessly on screen, without making it seemed forced, but even better when we all get to bear witness to it, because they create a lane for themselves that allows us to see them in this light. may he get more work in this newer form. we dare say, he may be seeing more action packed films …

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