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tf?! | #moviemagic| get jingy jangy baby

a play on the idea of creation and what it means to take your time with it. we see an older inventor get his revenge with the help of his mates as he finally brings an idea to life that he has been grueling over. we learn that unbeknownst to him, his idea had been taken from him and by the time he had learned, it was a bit too late. the story is told & it forever transforms the lives of those listening. the ones who also sometimes feel regular & helpless to their circumstance, but decide to lead with optimism and hope.

starring phylicia rashad, forest whitaker, and madelen mills this film gives you the feels of everything wonderful and magic a coming of age tale fixed in the idea of learning, growing, understanding time, and making use of the now and ones ideas. the idea of staying persistent and encouraged but also, to fight for yours and what you believe in. this is a real tale of the youth and/or younger generations, infusing hope back into older generations to persists past the difficulties and endure because they too can and will come out on the other side, better and with so much to show for it. a great holiday spectacular.

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