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"honk for jesus" is a funny way to piss people off. if you can get passed the reiteration of jesus being a lord & saviour and really tune into the realities being presented in a comical way, what we see here is less about the church, and less about a man.. and it roots more in the love a woman has for a husband who gets lost in his ego.

what we find hard to watch, is a man, whose vague mistake (one they never fully mention) haunts him, his church family and his wife. while their marriage is missing something sexually, we also see the fight regina halls character has within herself about how to appease her husbands ego and still be honest with herself. we can see that his ridicule of her attire, his lack of intimacy in the bedroom, and his need to be seen, heard and looked up to y everyone, has tainted their lives. though they are use to, and able to put on a great show, after a serious altercation threatens the perception of their integrity, and with a new church on the rise, the wifes burden becomes heavier trying to balance her wants & that of her husbands.

its clear by the end, that unmasking her truth, she begins to find her voice & make her own realizations,but do they come a little too late? is it just a test of what they can grow through, or a needle that broke the camels back? their new found competitor, excel, effortlessly because they are invigorated with a need to change what the face of the church, and its gospel is. limiting the slander for homosexuals and limiting the hate for those who do not "fall in line" we see that the force of will follows though being true, being fair and always being themselves.

"we hear her state, i would rather kill him, than to leave him"- a testament of ownership going array. a testament of ego's at play where, one would rather seem as a disheartened widow than to look as though the marriage has failed. one who rather put on a show and a game face then to admit to one another, that the love is no longer being honored in the sanctity of the marriage, with the wife getting sign after sign and clue after clue that the end of her husbands reign is near and dear and that his ego fuels more things than not, we come across an age old problem, of how the unit can die when the wife is too afraid to speak up. we see how the man and woman dynamic gets lost when the woman and man are not equally yoked, because at times of trouble, one is usually too afraid to trust the other to assert their opinions. it seems obvious to me that, in many of the tribulations faced, had the wife deserted the duty of submitting to her husband, and spoke to him as an equal, a partner, a lover, and a friends... many of the antics leading up would have gone differently. begs the question, why do people get married if they cannot tell their partner the truth? the reality to me would be to find a partner where you feel that is the only person you may ever be able to tell the entire truth to? but i guess to each their own. we wonder if when people watch these films, do they ever think as to how obvious the answers to life questions may be..afterall, someone wrote them... so we clearly all know better.. how do we all fall into the same conundrum. our guess? fear. fear of failure? fear of loneliness? fear of being wrong? fear of being seen? who knows... but to lead with love

we also recognize that a lot of this film is taken, as the lead characters are to be documented by film crews themselves. so would different decisions had been made if the cameras were not around? would different conversations be had? we see an unending desire for regina halls character to present herself as the good wife. and we see that the universe rather conspire to make the documentary interesting so that this way, they have a story to tell versus everything going as planned. we then ask ourselves, did the entire thing simply occur because they've been self - serving all along?

never leave your person when they're down, but are you adding to their demise if you cant tell them when the decision to rush the date may backfire? we see a series of mental health breaks as the pair try to preserve the religious empire they have built.

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