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tf?!: #moviemagic: wickforever

we are excited about wakanda forever. we will admit that it doesnt compare to the first movie but that could be due to the nostalgia of not having our dear actor comrade chad boseman as part of the ensemble.

lines were delivered well but most importantly, the film is packed with the emotional nuances, we as the audience need in order to go throuh our own emotional roller-coaster with the cast on missing chadwick.

it is a ride, and straight from the start they tackle all issues directly and head on. we can hear that the straightforwardness in the writing style, and we love seeing character shuri grow into her own.

the reality is, that with so many moving pieces, from outfits, culture, wit and dialogue, this film does a great job of setting the tone and asserting energy.

we needed the car scene, it gives us just enough to remind of the powerful punch the collective holds together. that the balance of ideologies, and differences all go out the window, when it is time to protect one another.

though the sea people arent given the same grace, we love the idea of being introduced to an allyship that didnt come easy and may go array. written by ryan coogler, and starring winston c. duke, michael b. jordan, lupita nyogo, angela basset & danai gurreira, letitia wright; the cast does a great job of introducing new acts like, thorne, tenoch huerta, and mabel. we cant wait for the next installment.


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