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tf?!| #moviemagic: yummyman

we think this is one of the renditions that surpass the original classic, in that it does well to make just the right references to it and picks the correct cast to portray it. starring yahya abdul mateen, teyonah parris, and directed by nia dacosta, this film still stands as th emost riveting of all tales and stories combined.

rooted in reality, as a hood folklore our horror begins as a hardworking man down on his luck, giving stories, candy and other findings to the children, women and anyone who would listen. often misconstrued as the bad guy people pinned their sins on, his death comes from a buckload of troubles with officers, seclusion from friends & family, a tumultuous love escapade and his own ailments, like a possible severed hand.

being the spirit no one sees after a horrible accident, the tale revolves around his soul embodying those who call out to him numerous times while in a mirror. it goes to say that they then have his image reflected back in the reflection in which case he drives them to suicide.

where many see this as a horrid storyline, we find that many of the times, it is cloaked in the madness of lovers uniting and untying their insecurities that keep them mentally taxed. we see that the ones who survive when dealing against him, are ones he takes a liking to, ones who find community to get them out of the madness, or the dare devil ones, who can strap on their boots and face most of it, head on.

there is no scene that disappoints. with great musical scoring, lighting, location and momentum, we would watch this film, again and again.


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