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the women of william hurt?

the actor william hurt passed away at 71 years of age, and after many people posts about the grief they feel for a mjor loss, two of is women, breathed a sigh of relief?

unfortunately, some haven't had the proper experience with the late great actor, and have decided to come forward. Marlee Matlin being the first ever to accuse him of such a act, in a her memoir had mrs. kaz follow her footsteps & spoke openly of the trials her love affair with him caused.

“Bill would snap, physically shove, punch and beat me, followed by tears, apologies and him offering me expensive gifts. When the battering began I sloughed it off. He said he was sorry. Perhaps I instigated it. I only had to visit the ER once. It was only after many, many years I admitted to myself that I was the victim of domestic violence.” - donna kaz

nominated four times for an oscar, newscaster and once leading man, passed away due to prostate cancer... may he rest in peace & his family and loved ones find some solace.

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