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..tune-in to "the dropout"

its movie monday madness where we spotlight the films that showcase disabled talent, talk about or reference mental health, neuro-diversity & the like..

SPOILER ALERT: the latest talk of the town is "dropout"- a limited series on hulu surrounding the events of a pharmaceutical health tech product / company "theranos". though some circumstances are said to be fictionalized, we are highlighting it for their great efforts & desires on changing the way healthcare is done, while also highlighting so many disabilities and health disorders.

we see the main character battling personality disorder as she tries to fight her way to the top while hiding secrets of her company. throughout the story line she begins to adopt a voice, mannerisms and body language of the late tech guru and visionary, steve jobs. doning an all black turtle neck with her hair slicked back in a ponytail.

later down the line as the story grows, we find that her side kick & long time co-worker not only survived cancer just to go out by suicide due to the concerns and fears of possibly having to testify. we almost see her snap at this point having her first public mental break.

we also hear brief stories (that no one knows if it is true or not) about an uncle who raised her and the beauty of their relationship before she lost him to an illness as well. we see her try to fit in and make relationships with people she otherwise wouldn't have had the possibility to, but clearly references, not being able to speak or feel things like normal people. we rate this a 10/10 for the sheer audacity & bizarness of it all.

to highlight or submit your film for review e-mail us with "moviemonday" as the subject line.

the dropout is streaming now and stars amanda seyfield (yes we thought she was dakota also)


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