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upclose|marie rose gives the "power to heal yourself" talk

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

marie rose, new entrepreneur and health advocate shed some light on how she was able to decrease and rid herself of parkinsons disease through her health journey. from her most simplest understanding of the disease, it is a result in the "lack of dopamine in the body". she was taking meds ever few hours and now doesn't take them at all.

though her particular symptoms aren't always the symptoms of others, for her, it presented as stiffness, tremors and joint pain. upon being diagnosed, she shared that she was in fact not scared, surprised nor sad about the results, because admittedly she always felt her family genetics were seemingly prone to disease. her father had passed away from lymphoma cancer when she was younger. eventually her mother did pass away from a condition as well.

some would say that she was diagnosed with the condition late in life, and where as medical institutions stated that there are usually 4 stages to the disorder, rose was diagnosed and able to offset it while still at stage 2. in many cases, the expectation would be that the late diagnose would allow for a rapid spread, quite the opposite happened and she developed symptoms slowly and eventually was able to curtail it.

as a teen she was healthy as can be and able to relatively do things that her peers were able to do, leading an active lifestyle like, swimming, and tennis. she did grow up in a strict environment, with parents being associated with the catholic church so years later after discovering her medical medium and being open to trying new things due to the time that the quarantine allowed for, the new freedom to experiment had presented itself.

had been able she didn't necessarily seek out to become healthier, it all seemingly happened by chance when she had an awakening after getting into a newer phase of her life where she began to follow the medical medium anthony williams who isn't associated with any specific religion or deity but rather more in alignment with the inner voice and self. he prefers to mainly listen to the body and what it needs and offering things that do not create build up in the body.

she has mentioned her daily routine of being relatively light, consisting mainly of celery juicing in the morning along with making sure she takes walks, even if they're short. just so that she can make sure her body is constantly moving. she is also an advocate of replacing cleaning products with "diy" fixes and/or with brands that have less harmful chemicals alongside following his mantras.

prior to her health change she said she found herself being very emotional. she now follows a mainly mediterranean diet which is said to reduce high blood pressure and may allow her to regulate her body a bit more in her mind, but also, things such as journaling and meditated morning moments have allows for her to be more relaxed in her thought process and approach. she tries to stay away from alcohol, and has been focusing on reducing anxiety.

intuitive force, her new coaching regime for those looking to heal themselves through more spiritual practices, and healthier decisions began due to her not being able to find decent and long lasting work in 2020 through the quarantine. though she is in a better position now financially, and has found new employment, she noted that her age felt like a factor due to her not being able to get a job initially. having already started her health journey, she saw this as the universes way of prompting her to focus on pursuing her newest health interest.

marie states that she wants to act as a guide and liaison through this company to get other on a health kick to refocus them on curing and healing themselves. whether it be by connecting them to the right products, people and or services, she is thrilled with what she has been able to accomplish and just wants to do the same for others without giving away anymore time.

she started out from a tech field working in "salesforce", and so the combination of her always feeling like she was heavily influenced, along with her previous position and connection to a guiding light, she says the name "intuitive force" came about.

overrall, she believes the mental, physical and spiritual have to be aligned in order to be completely healed.


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