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TF?! | stylin with stephen a quick "who are you" convo

we did a mini quick convo series, and we are happy to say one of those sitdowns were with the dynamic Stephen Cofield Jr. who has landed roles on hit shows like Harlem on prime as well as starring in & Asst. Directing, his own mini webseries "in a ny minute" alongside Phyillicia Bishop as dakota, actresses reina cedeno as tara.

we sat down and allowed him to set the perfect day for us... when he is most calm and tranquil-ed. the most intriguing thing of all? he likes to drink mushroom coffee, while vibing home alone.

trying something new, you can listen in to a portion of the authentic conversation below:

and for our visual learners, peep a gem given by him & his thoughts on mental clarity in the video here

thanks again stephen for your time.


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