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a listening ear: USA vice president kamala harris sets up a sit down with disability advocates

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

vice president kamala harris sat down with disability reps from different organisations to discuss their voting rights, wants and need-to be exact and what they may need going forward to feel more included and heard. “to reserve an hour to meet with the disabled community is a big deal,” she said. “We are not normally included in discussions about us.”olivia babis said who also identifies as a policy analyst for disability organisations in florida.

babis, who does not have arms, emphasized that its rather crucial that assistance become available at polling stations for those who have to fill a ballot out. plenty of the conversation centered around revolving doors, ramps and transportation inconveniences. and ever since the pandemic, cases have of discomfort have been exasperated.

supervised voting at nursing homes became a hot topic, because they are not allowed in many parts of the country, including in fl. its usually that nursing homes and assisted living facilities can allow official reps into a facility to help with the voting ballots, but only if five or more residents ask for it. babis exclaimed that though it is a complicated process "in many ways, but the only way many could vote." and not having enough officials to garner that help is important.

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