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a look at "mr. steal your girl?"

this one is a long one, because it deals with a very serious topic and amidst all the wars and sickness, we felt like diving in and doing our own due diligence.

in image, is the singers son, "noah l. neverson", at his second birthday event alongside his father.


it pains us to have to write about mr. songs in this way, as we all have come from a culture of listening and dancing to the stars song but given his family history with dementia, and the recent rumors flaring up around him, we only thought it right to take a look at all the presenting facts as we navigate these waters "mr. steal your girl", trey songz, has found himself in. we agree, things do not look good from the artist from the outside looking in, but we also want rather compare facts regarding the star - as we have staff who have been through similar mis-understandings and lies.

the romantic grammy nominated singer who many know for his classic hit "panty dropper", "bottoms-up", "say-ah", "na na", gotta make it,"dive in", "neighbors know my name" simply amazin, and his charged up performance alongside autism mom toni braxton that ended in a kiss, seems to have been cast on someones bad side lately and the press ahve been having a field day with it.

though many people have spewed hate due to these serious allegation, some sources have resurfaced to redirect the conversation, as a reminder of the artist long standing account of good deeds. sources claim that there are just as many videos of the rnb artist being polite and respectful to women than there are of him being rude. including, but not limited to, mr. neversons, (who has never shied away from his love of G-d), countless toy drives and charitable events, since the inception of his career.

mr. songz seen in most recent 2020 food drive alongside doing a #feedyourcity challenge he was asked to do alongside dj mustard for virginia.

though we do understand, and many have voiced that these events do not suggest him incapable of the horrid acts he has been associated with. we do find it interesting that there are countless videos online, that directly oppose the specific acts he has been accused of and show a habit & pattern of a much more calmer and sophisticated demeanor.. than that in which the people speak of. so we ask, could something else be afoot? it must be noted, that the star has been dramatically quiet these days, but in his silence his fans, friends, supporters & his family, at different stages in time, have all outright denied and defended the mega star.

in 2019, the rnb star was left out of a virginia “something in the water” festival hosted by super music producer pharrel williams. mr. songs was ONLY able to perform due to the long standing friendship & relationship he cultivated with mega pop-star Chris Brown. the young star who at one point, has also been shunned from the industry for scandal, and who was has also been heavily criticized for his preference in not liking/dating black women, reached out to mr. songz as to not perform in the town without him, since they all come from the same state. was this the official beginning of the stream line of allegations, and resentment against him? someone could wonder, why wouldn't the star have been invited to perform at the festival of his hometown, was his price too high? or is there more? see here

"in a tweet, songz wrote, referring to Brown, “Wasn’t for him I would have missed out on this experience totally. S.I.T.W was amazing for Virginia. 2 up 2 down 🙏🏾' "

though we’ve had staff who have had some irritating circumstances with the trigger man himself, they too insist that underneath it all, is a gentlemen who sometimes just gets frustrated and loses his cool, but has never been seen to physically harm, nor hurt a woman, elderly person and/or child. though these accounts of our own staff, could never and should never be an excuse to ignore if he or anyone else forces himself onto anyone sexually, or makes sexual advances, they've also insisted that though they've been pursued by him, he is completely mannerable around women and has gotten better over time with maturity. so we wonder, who could actor sarunas have been around where he has seen such instances occur between the rnb star and the lady. tre is known for being very private, even with the more prominent events he attends, and he also has a good / cordial standing with most/many of the women he has been associated and linked with - minus a few. many have broadcast that most of his stints relationship wise have been publicity stunts, to keep his name alive, he has been likened to lauren london, khloe kardashian, keke palmer, toni braxton, nicki minaj who has vehemently denied, celina powell, bebe rexha, and his nyc/fl bartender baby momma / possible wife caro colon, who seems to be the peoples favorite out of all. they took some time to warm up to her, but she minds her business enough, and seems to be the rare few that can deal with his antics, gossip & constant travel.

in 2020, trey songz was granted a son, out of wedlock, afromentioned lady. they have been friends off and on for some time now. despite initially trying to keep discretion about the relationship, due to his love triangle interest in hollywood, and his rebound relationship stint with actress lori harvey, tre, has been open about how much he loves and adores his son and has since gone on to dedicate an album, and singles to him. constantly, posting and sharing home videos and images of his child, and new family, many of his fans have been insisting that a lot of these rumors come from a deep seeded hate that many of his musical rivals, (like ne-yo, r.kelly, and once upon-a-time even "midas touch" drake) may have had with him. as a sex symbol in the film, hip-hop, and rnb world, who even has hits with rappers, J. Cole, Fabolous, chris brown, rae sremmurd, JIM JONES and the mogul rapper nicki minaj..many fans have said, all of these rumors, and stories, feel like mere ploys of undertaking, for all the women and dare we say it, "hearts" he has stolen in the past.

they have persisted time and again that being around the star and attending shows for years you learn his respect for his mother, and his cousins that he holds dear to him like younger sisters and that have indirectly raised him/grew up with them. he is known to take care of the women in his life, and though he has been open about his desires and fantasies, many women, go to him consensually because usually their taste are the same. we have seen this routinely with influencers like yasmin lopez, also shared with the industry like drake, and recently pdiddy and kanye west as well as other influencers who have a similar moniker to uphold. fans have suggested that women say these things out of spite, because with all the sexual scandal, he refused to get married, and is said to have had his eye on someone for years-until now?

some have even stated that there are “forces” and “organizations” going against the star because they blame him for the trouble mr. robert kelly is going through now legally, seeing as the two have had public disdain for one another yet often compared. is in now. or think of him as a hedonism personified. some have even specified that the industry's church folk, may antagonize those and even make it harder for ones, who are said to be part of the lgtbqa community. frankly speaking, ever since his first artist brandon hines got him caught up in some scandalous rumors of bisexuality and queerdom, the songwriter turned nft entrepreneur has found it difficult to evade the gossip regarding his sexuality and have had church folk speculating for years.

as we are most certain many followers of his music know, of a group he has created, of women, who support him, called "the TS angelz" from the very start of his musical journey. the cult like following is filled with fans, supporters and colleagues who are known to always support his all his endeavors. though our staff (who has their own personal stories of many celebs not just him) insist they are not part of this group of women (or any cult like group, at all) they have started to acknowledge that with the horrendous stories being told of trey songz as late, and with their own encounters, they do feel badly for him. being a potential "TS Angel" has been a "running joke" for some time, some even shying away from the blogging aspect because they do not like the idea of recount and writing about their peers. saying, it presents "an awkward situation". the point being, how does a man capable of these heinous acts amass and maintain a following of women like this? would they all be women with "stockholm syndrome"? are they being critical and careful? or is it a cult like experience that comes with severe consequences? like that of mr. kelly? we ask because even with allegations like these, the women go strong if not stronger for him.

all of this has becomes relevant and a vital talking point, recently, as tre, has made the blogs, and some news outlets, again. most recently, due to "insecure" actor sarunas, aka "ronejae" hitting the twittersphere, to reinforce some allegations. sarunas is also the brother to keke palmer's latest boo (she has also accused mr. songz in the past of participating and being okay with her feeling sexually intimidated at an event) and he took to a new podcast called, "guys next door", held by rnb rival & actor,"tristan mack-wilds" known for his roles on tv shows known as "the breaks" & also held by, vj, hip-hop head & sneaker fiend"mouse jones".

during this interview, sarunas, standing at 6'5, recently got into a conversation on the podcast about male fragility and ego. he made remarks that used rnb mogul trey songz, standing at around 6'2, as an example. in this example he made some serious open allegations that insinuated, the sex symbol tre, has openly sought to fight women & do bodily harm to them, then hide from battles with these men when they want to step in instead. additionally, he goes on to call him slurs, and insinuates that he has physically tried to fight the artist himself, because he deplores these acts against women, and that mr. songz wanted no parts. the internet was in a frenzy because it was another new claim that tre has tried to assault a woman, but the first time, a man has stepped up and not only verbally defended women, but has in fact, tried to handle it directly, to no avail.

rumors have been sparked about how truthful this is. with his team insisting that no one has even met actor saruanas. rumors have been sparked about what this may say about triggas character, versus a newer face, with no scandal associated with him, outside of his relationship with his baby mother, domonique, another actress from hit tv show, "insecure". and though we could not validate these specific claims, a close source has said, they are caught off guard and do not know where this is coming from nor what it may be referring to regarding a possible physical altercation. see video here:

this comes right after a slew of other recent allegations made on the singer. after a critical announcement made by bisexual, street and overseas basket-ball player, dylan gomez, who claimed via twiiter, and suggested that the rnb star raped her. tre, who has arguably been the leading sex symbol of rnb for over a decade, has been hit with a lawsuit from 3 other women. and though he is not known to always be the most truthful in the industry according to other artist, he still has a team that adamantly denies these situations, believes in him, and says, that this is so far against his character, he is not known to ever try to harm a woman, and has not ever been known to run from a man, yet alone a fight. with all this being said its hard to believe him and still respect how these women feel, knowing that these particular individuals are not necessarily looking for money and have already obtained a substantial amount of fame..until you see these...

the rnb star has made headlines before for his self-defense against an officers attack, where he winds up holding him off via a choke hold merely to gain control of the situation and get on proper footing. the case which alluded to the officers approaching and attacking due to him not wearing a mask, was eventually dismissed and thrown out, as he proved he has a facial mask on the entire time. this video has been brought up to suggest, how and why would he run away from any man, if he would not run away or give in to an officer? does sarunas story hold up?

he is also seen in this video below flat out asking a young influencer “may i touch you”, before taking a picture with her. the influencer and bikini wear line woman is reality tv love and hip-hop actress “draya michelle”, known for her comedic and highly criticized remark “your hoeness can get deleted”..see video and here but you have to dig-up the interview yourself as much of it has been buried and only left are remnants. video below shows him being considerate of what is physically allowed, and we are here for it. many fans agree that this is how he is naturally, but some say it is an illusion to cover his dark deeds. vid link below but here too

these videos make a difference as they are part of a plethora of footage scattered on the internet that further shows him in a forgiving, loving, genrous state and re emphasizes his viewership on love, respect and the importance of protecting ones self. we have since seen the r n b legend and sex symbol, make up with almost all of his rivals leading up to and since the birth of his son. he was seen taking images at a dinner party with ne-yo, attended aubreys casino night around 2019/2020.. at a film festival with meek mill, who he briefly bantered with the star after lyrically admitting he was interested in socialite turned skin care guru lori harvey. but was it an honest reconciliation?

with how human nature is, we cant help but feel like his fans and family may be onto something. after all, chris brown recently proved that one of his allegations was supremely false and showed that these stroies manifest when a product is launching. some have speculated that it could be due to his spat with the rap legend and mogul herself, ms. nicki minaj, but we tend to believe that she is not sitting around thinking of any of her nemesis, since having a baby and dealing with her own family. some have even speculated that its due to his brother hood, with artist chris brown, who has had to fight a bad reputation that was growing about him, due to domestic violence, against Fenty skin care and savage fenty lingerie billionaire rihanna. however it must be noted, that the "we found love" singer, has forgiven mr. brown on countless occasions, despite what her business partner, friend, and mentor, mr. billionaire jigga himself (a musical fave of ours), initially was said to have tried to talk her out of at the height of the scandal. so, is there something else brewing?

as reflected above, actress, keke palmer once worked with the rnb star and despite the artist not wishing to discuss the past, many feel like there needs to be clarification. so his brother "forrest" has taken to social media to address the fact that what she said had been taken out of context. there was a party she was invited to, that doubled as a music video. upon learning that, she realized she did not want to be recorder. her and the artist argued, because he was adamant that she knew before hand, and saw the signs which read and indicated about filming. upon trying to leave, he tried to stop her in which case she hid in the bathroom, feeling sexually intimidated, due to the nature of the video, the girls, the men the environment and the possible recording. she didn't want to be seen there, and expected him to be more understanding due to the nature of their past working "relationship". see here yet people have instead insisted that she claims, he has sexually intimidated her directly and /or raped her.. which his brother, mr. forrest rightfully so, finds completely unfair and fabricated. keke palmers comment about sexual intimidation resulting from being in an environment that seemingly revved up her anxiety and made her feel sexual pressure - has been confused for sexual assault and rape. you can see footage of the days festivities here

we too have been in encounters regarding parties potentially turning into videos w/o consent so we understand, but it does not illicit a rape claim & with the video being removed we do not think there should be use of this situation as argument against his character. she says "he reached out to her manager & said he "didn't know" [that she hadn't changed her mind] in this video the singer states he is usually an honest guy..."im going to be honest with you, that's my problem til' this day" & also acknowledges that keke may have made some displeasing remarks about his sexuality.

since 2018, the artist has become known to bask in the attention, and be absolutely alright with rumors circulating. even going as far as to play into a few, for sales and looks, until the birth of his child- in which he had made videos and held interviews indicating that he cannot fight every rumor out there. some say that all of this is for clout and attention to keep all parties involved in headlines to further sell their products. we say, there are some things like rape, physical assault & battery of a woman, and/or pedophilia, that one just does not play around with. so we would hope not. but "to each their own."

with statements like "everybody cant be lying on this man" circulating after sarunas took to the "guy next door" podcast...we say, during these sad times, and due to us believing in fairness, and due process and in wanting to protect our nephews, sons, god sons and brothers, who we would hate to see caught up in these same the crooner, turns more into a family man, we hope he is able to manage and care for his mental health throughout this turbulent time.

he previously was honest about contracting the 2020 co-vid virus, and he has been open about other health spats in the past. the star who has been honest about finding love due to his bad boy/playboy stigma, leads us to think if there are other [mental] issues at play. though these things do not make for an excuse we do realize the seriousness that health issues can play when making decisions. even ones as small as, who to hang around. he has been said to be reconnecting to the kardashian sister khloe, who he was accused of sleeping with in a club years ago. which also may be an indicator of either his mental state (she has tirelessly, and consistently been publicly estranged from jordan craig & maree nichols baby daddy tristan thompson as well, & they say like minds find each-other so rightnow they're both in a fragile state) or you can liken it to him staying busy & sparking rumors outside of his case for a distraction. a not so smart one since the entire family seems to be in the hot seat & none ofthis can bode well for any real open case he may have. but the video presented is a far cry of proof of the pair being back together.

dementia, which is a disease of the mind, is close to the singers familial ties, due to a relative of his being inflicted with it. diseases like this, can have an early flare, due to stress, alcohol, lack of sleep, infections (co-vid). due to the tragedy he has already faced, of losing relatives in the last few years, if these rumors are not true, we do hope he gets ahead of it now & has time to clear his name, find peace, to slowdown / stop, an early on set. may he find his name cleared if this is a “diabolical” plot to crucify his name, and use his stardom against him, since he is more aware of karma and less likely to retaliate…due to the birth of his son.

speaking of dementia, new studies suggest that potassium may help those who are "suffering" with the condition, cognitively. with the increased intake of magnesium, zinc, potassium and LOTS OF REST... they have bettered their cognitive state. additionally, many holistic remedies, practice a detox/fast, to clear of any FUNGI and/or bacteria that has entered the body and effected the central nervous system. a good diet, music, movement, and depending on how severe of the condition, games, puzzles, word search, memory cards, and SUNLIGHT can at the very least, delay the progression. but we do give our sincerest condolences, because we know it is an uphill battle. for conditions of the mind, potassium, and magnesium tend to play a key role and for conditions of the body, usually have to do with a hormonal imbalance, so fixing the thyroid can increase mobility making it easier to move around to aid the mind.

we also say, our deepest and sincerest apologies to any of these women who are proven to in-fact have been raped or sexually assaulted by him or anyone else. since women are usually targeted, and unheard. we send love, light & mental peace of mind. thank you for your bravery. thank you for your courage to speak up.

we all "cant help but wait" to know and learn the truth of these allegations so everyone can be more at peace. for the sake of baby neverson, who we all must keep in mind during these times because the children come first, we see that no matter what, mr. songz legacy will continue. we hope that sarunas j is not speaking on behalf of anyone else as to not put him in a very dangerous position but we understand due to his closeness with ms. palmer. for those that say this is merely just the universe re-creating cycles, and for those who are excited he is put into a bad spotlight because it heightens their chance with the "it" girl of the moment/neighborhood.. best of luck.

to women everywhere, dont be afraid to use an object if you find yourself in a horrid circumstance like sexual assault. dont be afraid to defend yourself, and your body. fight back. bite. kick, push, hit, scratch, pull, do what you have to. do not let anyone shame or ridicule for protecting yourself. get an alarm. get a tazer. use mace. but most offenses come from the men we know. horrible truth. but the truth has its place. may mr. neverson find the culprit who keeps convincing people to exaggerate their experiences with him if this proves to be false.

we say, this less about the celebs who maybe parlaying in these antics for clout but more for those who have really gone through something devastating like these occurrences mentioned above and need the freedom to either speak up or find help.

national sexual assault hotline: 1-800-656-4673

national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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