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adaptive wear spotlight:

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

intimately provides adaptive wear undergarments for those who want to still feel sexy and confident in their lingerie. the growing a brand is invested in uniting women to enjoy their lives while looking and feeling their best. all of their garments have hidden and secure ways of comfortably getting in and out of them like side zippers, front sippers, back flaps, and different types of fasteners. they also provide more comfort than and uphold than many brands, making them a great replacement for those who do not identify as disabled as well.

"emma butler is the chief executive officer of the brand. emma became aware of adaptive apparel through her mom who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when emma was twelve. she saw how her mom changed after her diagnosis and the effects of chronic pain.

while she studied at brown university, she met students with chronic illnesses and other disabilities and decided to do more research on how disabilities and chronic pain affect how women get dressed. it ignited her love for apparel design."

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