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a very barbie birthday

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

(reminder: we are aware there are no capital letters, we like the aesthetic)

in feb. of 2019, leading doll manufacturing company BARBIE gave us dolls that represented those of the disability community. they provided us with a doll sitting on her throne, a doll, who was confident enough to qwueen and own her style, without having any hair on her head, along with a doll who reflected the skin duality condition, vitiligo. though this launch was met with harsh and rash criticism for a short period of time, it was also met with a lot more praise.

this year, BARBIE takes front and center in the news again, with a mom who went all the way out, that is when it comes to innovation, just to surprise her daughter, for her fifth birthday.

five year old, alani, daughter to, idania vergara, was born with bilateral profound sensory neuro-hearing loss so she got cochlear implants at nine months old.

as she grew up, alani began inquiring, why many people did not have "ears" like her, referring to her implants. this made vergara aware of the fact that representation for her daughters condition was imminent. vergara mentioned she wants her daughter to see herself in her toys, so she provided alani and her friends with Barbie dolls that have cochlear implants. respectfully, vergara innovative side kicked in, and she put together made earpieces for the dolls and put each one on each doll to further reflect her daughters condition.

it may have took her a while to do it, but all of the work paid off when she said that alani referred to her as "the best mom ever".

we love to hear feel good news! and even happier when its reflective of a brands effort.

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article initially reported by anchor Karin Mallet

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