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un-broken hearts get mended? singer toni braxton's, son, diezel graduates highschool

sending a congratulations to a family with high values! the seven time grammy & nine time billboard award singer toni braxton lit up Instagram three weeks ago with an image honoring one of her sons.

she posted a picture of her two children, posted together adorning him with kisses to congratulate him on successfully graduating high school this year.

"Congratulations @diezel.braxton! Mom is so proud of you. 💜 , Howard University here he comes!" the singer took to her instagram to post.

this comes just 3 years shy of her stating that her son no longer showed any signs of autism. initially stating that at birth, diezel was diagnosed as being “on the spectrum”.

she has credited her sons transformation due to suzannne wrights programs and methods, passed away in 2016. toni braxton became a global ambassador for autism speaks in 2012 and has advocated for it ever since.

diezel, who turned 18 in march, has countlessly reflected and shown love to his parents on social media. he graduated with lots of love, and family around him, as he said his goodbyes to fusion.

on the spectrum* has become a medical term that specifies people who are seemingly with several signs and symptoms of autism to a various degree. you can find out more information here

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