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so, does everybody still hate chris? just kidding

chris rock says he is in support of listening to women and taking direction from them while on set and we agree!

"i've fired people on set for not listening to women" says mr. rock while speaking to nicole kidman for variety’s “actors on actors” video series. the potential emmy contenders, mr. rock for “fargo,” and ms. kidman were marveling at the career of lucille ball, who nicole kidman will be portraying in the cinematic universe “being the ricardos” for amazon studios.

its the unity for us! remember, on sep. 17, 2020, at the age of 56, chris rock announced to everyone that he has a learning condition called nvld. nvld is a learning disability similar to autism and asperger's syndrome but instead those who have it often "over-attend to detail and often miss the gestalt or big picture, rather than solely visual-spatial problems."David Dinklage, PhD, the founder of Dinklage Associates. he has since advocated for mental health by openly discussing his therapy sessions. its the growth for us!

Psychiatry in April 2020 analyzed a cross-sectional study of 2596 children and adolescents in North America. Researchers estimated that 2.2 million to 2.9 million children and adolescents have nvld. That amounts to 3% to 4% of under-18. many who cope with nvld have great memory making it so that people write off the notion of having a condition. Usually diagnosed by middle school, those with nvld often have a hard time maintaining friendships due to not being aware of social cues and are also have bad coordination.

on, june 25th, hbo announced it would be adding "the chris rock show" onto the streaming platform which brings his career full circle, so to speak, due to him initially showcasing on hbo throughout 1997-2000. lets spread some more awareness about nvld!

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