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speaking of the paralympics..

they have made a huge announcement regarding their hosts for the 2021 paralympics.

the paralympics, which are set to air from the uk networks in both august and september, stated their excitement to provide more opportunities for disabled people by committing to build their presenting team with 70% more disabled people to increase visibility.

TV host and former basketball player ade adepitan, who is a former basketball player and television host will be presenting in tokyo live during race day along side mr. chalmers of "strictly".

comedian rosie jones, who lives as a real advocate for and with cerebral palsy, will also report on the last leg daily, alongside adam hills, alex brooker and josh widdicombe. the paralympics will also cover the punndits, featuring, gold medal winner dame tanni grey-thompson.

lee mcKenzie who is an ally of the community but does not identify as a disabled person will report from Japan and steph mcgovern will head a daily breakfast show alongside Paralympic cyclist and former marine arthur williams

we are happy to see the increase in support of the disability advocacy in the corporate and entertainment job sectors. for those who are new to what the paralympics are, it is a sporting event likened to the olympics that happens every two years for those who subscribe as disabled and/or different. the athletes who have signed up have grown to 400 and are from all over the world.

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