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disability defense mechanism

a list of gadgets and other lifesaving tech/and techniques that can help anyone, including those who identify as disabled so that they are not at a huge disadvantage when defending themselves. this is not to instigate any violence but instead to allow people to feel safer when traveling by themselves.

  1. the tazer

a tazer is an item that comes in handy when giving yourself time to get away from the enemy. with many different, intensities, many different sizes, and in many different forms, there is usually a tazer for anyone's liking. great for up close encounters that give you a disadvantage.

2. some batteries

not only is it good to have some batteries laying around incase of an emergency, to restore lgiht, but in the heat of a moment, adding them into a glove or a cloth hat and using that to swing, can give the impact of a blow.

3. the jewett

a nodd to the newly popularized song, with the play on words, a jewett is really an item for those who have experienced some thoracic and lumbar issues. this device less to eradicate physical harm from another but mainly written here today as a preventative care measure. item is known for aiding in back issues, causing relief and lessening tension, we recommend people take actions into their own hands by getting them one, if there are already issues appearing, along with a healthier diet, stretching and etc.

4. the alarm keychain

one of our favorites, this item latches onto your keys, and into your pockets easily while also doubling as an alarm, pull it or press the appropriate button, to create the distraction, and/or attention needed in any situation.

5. the trekking stick

last but not least, the trekking/hiking stick. it is multi-functional along with of course acting as a cane. you can use it to workout because it is weighted with its material, but you can easily use it for the several secret blades that come with it, and its hidden compartments.

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