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disabling abel from playing in imax theaters?

rumor has it that singer "the weekend" had to have his music video removed from the screening of imax theaters due to the plausibility of it causing epilepsy. the last time we heard of this happening to a mega star was around 2010/2011 when yeezy released his "all of the light" music video and in 2012 when he partnered with billionaire hov for "n*gg*s in par*s" - the vid was said to potentially induce motion sickness.

the singer had been teasing clips of his music video, "take my breath" for a while now, so his fans and supporters were excited to see the video get premiered. but he has become more aware that his consumers may have restrictions, see his super bowl performance was also heavily criticized due to the motion of the cameras going in and out.

we take this as a way to remind artist, to display a message in advance as a new protocol to make viewers aware of a potential prompt that may over stimulate them.

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