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tf?! | cita cita

we love a great show.. but like everyone else, we get sucked in to a great loving movie. now, with citadel, an amazon prime show, now out, starring priyanka chopra... alongside richard madden... we are happy to say that we do not have to choose. we can have a great show, short enough for us to get onto our everyday task with but still long enough to get involved in the story line of love, hope, and fair.

everything, about this show, will have you questioning the right & wrong and good and bad of all that is morally sound or....not. with a tantalizing pour of guts and glory the series leaves you pining for the truth. truth of what? or who is the better question.. but it is one show that is worth the wait of each new episode.

priyanka looks sultry and yet balances bad ass.. while our favorite, everybody loves prada star stanley tucci.... fights, and damn near wins, the audiences love, attention and madness all in one. a great lead, and a greater supporter... this is one series, that will allow amazon prime to go down in history.

the show is based off the lack of memory due to a horrific accident that takes place overseas via an old time train car. the two leads, are presumed non-living until they're tracked down by operatives they use to work with and for. things get tricky as a love triangle/square ensues.

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