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flashback friday: congratulations

as the announcement has been making waves that the fashion mogul rihanna has given birth to her child we are here to take you guys back to a stunning time, to celebrate a great occasion.

savage fenty show. can be seen here

the savage fenty show that not only feels very cinematic but features those who have disabilities and amputations as well. the opening sequence paired with opera, a mariachi sound and hip-hop infused shows a group of dancers crescendo over the walls and steps like no other, in slow round movements emphasized bu long walks the opening itself can mesmerize.

though it is a fashion show, the music, mood, angles, well thought out choreography, tracklisting, performances, lights.. all make it more. the chosen songs feel empowering, inviting or outright balistic to make you finish feeling like you could take over and conquer the world.

though we speculate that this may be a bit rushed, and that the fashion icon has not given birth yet...many have began saying their congrats and showcasing their happiness. so congrats again to the happy couple, it is said the rapper asap and fenty herself delivered a healthy child safely.

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