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makin' the band: Freddy P frustrations

our well wishes to everyone recently caught up in the old dramas of "making the band". recently, we have seen an out pouring of confessions regarding the hurts many band members feel they have faced since the show. "making the band" which is a staple of hip-hop history, and most cultured moments, have given young urban adults laughs over the years. but the contestants say the aftermath is nothing to joke about. the most difficult to hear being from the contestant "Freddy P".

Freddy, in an interview with The Neighborhood talk, the contestant talks about his burdens and the anguish being trivialized by revolt owner, and suicidal thoughts & tendencies he has been battling. a post from the rapper on his page was seen. freddy post he talks about spirituality, health, & the hardships that have hardened him.

"i cried a few times, thinking about leaving my son, i'm looking for a reason to live, i want something to look forward to, a step child or something, my son is grown... i apologize for my sin every night..i don't know how i started thinking like that.." -freddy P

mr. love formerly known as puff responded with a simple post :

he topped it off with the caption, "no ego, just hustle" and though we have seen that so many people have gon' through the ringer to get to the top, often hearin' rumors on the reasons behind why things have taken place the way they have...

Freddy's continues to quote, Billionaire rapper Mr. Carter, to emphasize how he wishes he made millions with Mr. Love.. "dame made millions, bean made millions..". though we cannot verify the statements made by these individuals, we do know that mogul and multi-million dollar rapper and entrepreneur has alluded to many behind the scene things that have also hindered him. we hope to see these matters reconciled so that Freddy does not commit an act of self harm. Freddy begins to end the video by stating "i don't know if i will post this, i needed this, i needed this video, i needed this for my sanity"

Mr. Love recently, lost Kim Porter, his childrens mother and famed mega model, to illness in 2020. for the sake of his children, may he continue to find peace and make amends with his previous colleagues, proteges and contestants.

member "babs" did say that though she understands the pains, and hurts, of what they are feeling, she believes she was a "it was a dream coming true, dreams coming true with nightmares in and out..i was a sponge. no matter the negative things, i tried to focus on the positive things that i learned, which allowed me to keep it pushing..", "it made me want to call him immediately...i would say we all have our own thing when it came to how the situation ended...i wouldn't say i don't agree, i would say, i cant really relate. if i would have "

here is an idea, revolt should have a "making the band" reunion and confessional to allow cast to promote their brands, music, and products. the culture has kept the names of each cast member alive and we hope freddy and babs quality of life feel better.

ending on a positive note she ends with "im here to help you..let me help you"

for more information/source click here

full video (babs response)

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